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Any T.O. burger joint to rival the The Burger Joint in NYC?

While I haven't been to the 'Burger Joint' that you mentioned, I can certainly provide a good recommendation.

I think that Stockyards BBQ has the best burger in the city. They cook it on a beautiful flat top and there was some wiggle room as to how I wanted it cooked (as rare as you'll make it was my order and it came out nice and pink). The burger is seasoned lightly with S&P, has a great beef flavour and you don't need to ask them to butter the bun because they do always do!

Last Friday they had a smoked green chile pimento cheese burger on special which was out of this world. A perfect homage to the green (hatch) chile cheeseburger of New Mexico.


The Stockyards
699 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C, CA

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

While Ed's has carried Lodge in the past, I think the dutch oven was a brand name I was not not familar with.

I would also check Walmart if you have the time. I was in Buffalo last weekend and Walmart carried a variety of Lodge dutch ovens from 35-50 depending on the size. Hopefully the Canadian stores carry a similar selection (check in kitchenwares and camping).

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Honest Eds had a non-enamel cast iron dutch oven about a week or two ago priced between 40-50. Take a look.

Apple Cider?

Waupoos is my favourite. Slighty sweet and very crisp with ample apple flavours. And at 6.5%, it makes you feel... good!

Burger Bar opinions?

I wrote the most recent review.

I enjoyed myself and would certainly go back.

Miami Subs on Queen & Bathurst

It is the same chain as the one found south of the border.

I can tell you that the cheesesteaks are quite quite similar to the ones found in the States. While I haven't visited an American Miami Subs in... 8 or 9 years, but when I ordered a cheesesteak on Queen St. last week it was eerily similar.

The cheesesteak is similar to any mall food court cheesesteak stand. It's not bad, it gets the job done. They're also open 24 hours I believe. Just don't expect it to be like a Gino's steak.

I can't speak for any of the other items (I don't remember the menu being so huge).

Blueberry pie

The best blueberry pie I've had was purchased at the St Lawrence Market's North Market - Farmers Market (open only on Saturdays). While I forget the name of the vendor, accroding to the St Lawrence Market's website: Catherine Roncetti

Also, they have great struedal.

Good Hot Sauce???

I'd say you venture down to Perola in Kensington Market and pick up some El Yucateco. They have a variety of flavours including a red habanero, green habanero andcaribbean habanero(although you might need to make a special request to get 30 bottles). They retail for under 3 bucks for a 120 mL bottle.

247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

So let's cut to the chase...Linda's Thai. Is it worth it??

Ah noodles, I didn't know they were completely closing up the old one!

Well then, I work in the Don Mills area, I'll give it shot when I can.

So let's cut to the chase...Linda's Thai. Is it worth it??

I visited the downtown location a month ago. I had been to Salad King a few times before and found it average at best, but I had heard great things about Linda's, so I decided to climb the stairs.

The dishes I ordered came recommended from this board. My favourite was the Fish Curry Hot Pot. It featured a very cute table presentation, with it's own burner, beneath what appeared to be a cloth basket. But the fish was just lovely and flavourful. The curry was nice and complex as well. My friend ordered the Crispy Duck and it was also excellent. I didn't love the Hot And Sour Soup, but the mains certainly won me over.

The portions are a good size, I really had no complaints. They also have someone who walks about constantly refilling rice (which was rather cute too). So considering you're not paying a few extra bucks for a side of rice, the prices are very reasonable in my book.

I would definitely return.

Weezies, Swan, Allens...

Reverse the order.

The rare Allen's burger is champ of Toronto. The only improvement I can think of is buttering the bun. (I normally take mine with only goat cheese).

American Microbrews in Ontario

What tax would I normally pay on a 6 pack? Since I normally hit Buffalo a few times a year.

Got a link to a government site?

American Microbrews in Ontario

I forgot about the lab testing fee as well. Sadly, the prices do add up. Perhaps this has become more of a pipe dream than anything else.

Oh Ontario...

American Microbrews in Ontario

I'm not concerned with the Boston Lager (as it is quite readily available) but the variety of other beers offered such as their seasonal ales.

The microbrews by the bottle is quite extensive.

American Microbrews in Ontario

You can find a variety of American Micro Brews at the Beer Bistro, unfortunately, they aren't cheap.

American Microbrews in Ontario

OnDaGo: While I was born in 1985 and I cannot speak for the past, but Sam Adams now has a wonderful variety of seasonal brews. I wasn't aware of their lack of brewery for 4 years after their foundation, but marketing company or not, they still produce a variety of beers and I've enjoyed most of them (Their Chocolate Bock is truly special). And according to Wikipedia, they produce 35% of their beers at their home plant while I assume the majority of the Boston Lager and Light variety of brewed by license all over. I've also heard before that a lot of Sam Adam's seasonals are consider novelty beers, but I still enjoy them when I get the chance in the US. I enjoyed the Summer Ale that was available here last summer as well.

estufarian: The bar upstairs was rather light. Jack, Jim, Soco were what stood out. Perhaps the downstairs bar was better stocked. I'm not expecting to see a bottle of Stagg, but throw me a bone, show me an Elmer T, Buffalo Trace, or Old Rip Van. Something I can't get at the LCBO.

Highway 61 Southern Barbeque

Just came back. I'll be brief.

I own two smokers. I enjoy bbq. Pecan wood is my favourite. I'm probably not the target market for this restaurant.

Waiter was constantly reminding us that this was both his and the restaurants first night. :-| Staff was nice overall, no complaints there. I find the venue gimmicky, but cute. Although a tad over thought. More emphasis should have been on the food and authenticity (strawberry salad? glorified garden salad? no thanks).

I ordered the smoked wings, BB King plate, sides of corn bread, beans and sweet potato fries.

Their bbq sauce isn't bad. Not my favourite, but it didn't turn me off. Bottle of Tobasco on the table? Really? Can't have a cute lesser known American hot sauce? Really? Not even the chipotle Tobasco? Can't make your own? Can't even use your wing sauce?

Smoked wings, flavoured medium and prairie fire. Could hardly taste the smoke but the texture of wings identified them as being smoked.. or at least baked. Not bad wings, nor the sauce, which wasn't overly vinegar either. Could have been cooked longer in my opinion, I prefer a crispier skin on my smoked chicken, or perhaps finished over the bbq longer. The size of the wings was on the small side with average blue cheese dipping sauce. Overall, average wings, nothing to write home about.

BB King plate sans beef rib (out of stock). Ordered dry.


The chicken was the most smoked of the bunch. Not bad, but it NEEDED A RUB. You could taste the smoke, which was nice, but the skin still needed some crisp too it (fat was still present). Otherwise, it tasted like decent smoked chicken without a rub.

Pork and brisket were both kind of dry and lacking in the smoke department. The brisket lacked more smoke than the pork. Both needed RUB. I applied ample amounts of sauce.

The pork ribs also lacked smoke and were overcooked for my liking. Falling off the bone a little too much (who complains about too tender pork ribs? I do, pork ribs are naturally fatty, so they'll always be moist, don't bring up how moist they were, THEY'RE LOADED WITH FAT). So the ribs were fatty, needed a rub, lacked smoke.

Cornbread needed more fat, but was a moderate attempt. You could taste the jalapeño which was nice, but it's sad that the best cornbread in the city is from Whole Foods (or my skillet, but you folks can't buy that).

Beans were okay, I don't like molasses that much, but with that in mind, it didn't turn me off. Kind of like gingerbread baked beans. I added some bbq sauce and pepper to the beans and that added a nice little vinegar kick to them.

Sweet potato fries were also alright. Could have been cooked more. Seasoning was alright as well. Rosemary I think was the herb on them.

Overall, I won't be returning, but again, I don't think I'm the target market. Those that don't know good bbq will eat it up I'm sure. I don't think the prices are that bad, considering the area. Also, their beer prices aren't bad either, but...


I was pretty pessimistic going into Highway 61 and I was still somewhat underwhelmed. Fortunately, it's getting warmer and I plan on using my gas smoker tomorrow to cure this unfulfilled bbq boy’s soul.

best burgers in T.O.

I visited Allen's recently and I had a rare burger with goat cheese. It was actually cooked rare (a rarity in Toronto), the bun was wonderful with a good mix of squish to crisp and the meat itself was rich and silky. I felt the burger could have used a little more intense beef flavour and some salt, but once I added salt, I was very pleased.

Having explored the various joints recommended in this thread, I can confidently conclude that the Allen's burger is probably the best burger in the city.

$10.50 for the burger with goat cheese.

(I still wouldn't mind a good 5$ burger though :P )

Pennylicks in Kensington Mkt

I've been going to Pennylicks since they opened (they even know my name!)

I'm a big fan of their coffee blends and God bless that clover. While I've tried all of their various blends (and they're all good), I keep coming back to the Ethiopian. It really is wonderful.

Their gelato isn't bad. I have yet to try their sandwiches or espresso oddly enough. Although with espresso for me, it's either Intelligencia or bust. I should ask him about his espresso beans.

Starbucks is hogging all the Clovers, but Pennylicks opened before Starbucks bought Clover, so they have one. My understanding is that Clover is still servicing the old machines, but not selling them.



7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

Jacobs & Co
12 Brant Street, Toronto, ON M5V 2M1, CA


In a word, expensive.

While I'm unsure if Barbarian's still has Kobe in, Jacob's has Alberta, American and Australie Wagyu on their menu.

Cava Money, Money, Money, Money.......

Firstly, I enjoyed my meal there. All the dishes that I had certainly met my expectations (the desserts exceeded them, warm chocolate cake, ridiculous).

In terms of value, I would say Cava is priced reasonably well considering the quality of the food. Since I'd assume the average person would order 3-4 dishes, they'd spend about 40$ which is on par for an entree and app at other similar restaurants (and perhaps a similar quantity of food as well).

Could it be cheaper? Sure. Would I like it to be cheaper? Ofcourse. But I assume like most restaurants, they price the dishes at what they think they can sell them for and they might not necessarily use a constant restaurant wide markup on items. Also, lets not forget hidden costs like labour and overhead.

Compare the input costs of a fountain drink to what they sell them for. It's the highest margin item in the business if I'm not mistaken. Also, liquor markups vary from restaurant to restaurant. Perhaps taking into account those hidden costs (staff, rent, utilities, etc.).

If you find yourself questioning the cost of the item, then perhaps to your perferences, you found the price to be greater than the enjoyment of the dish. Others may disagree. Such is life (and why Sassafraz still stands... sigh)

1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

Your favourite Kozlik's mustard?

Second the horseradish. It's ridiculous in flavour and intensity.

Great Mexican in Toronto?

My favourite Mexican is El Trompo in Kensington. Good assortment of tacos (4 per order), excellent coffee (cinnamon!), guac and salsas. My personal favourite there is the Huevos Rancheros, which for 6.99 includes tortillas and a cafe de olla (cinnamon coffee).

Also, for an informal Mexican-esq restaurant, try Tacos El Asador, just east of Christie station. Solid tacos, burritos, soups and salsas. I also love that they give you a bowl of jalapenos and onions with each order.

El Trompo
277 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2M1, CA

Tacos El Asador
690 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L2, CA

Best Smoked Salmon


Best in the city.

Where to find molecular gastronomy in Toronto?

I agree completely.

(Not a huge fan of foam myself, though I still love bubble bathes)

Advent calenders

Walmart has a selection of licensed (Simpsons, High School Musical etc.) calendars for a few dollars and The Bay also stocks Godiva calendars.

C5 – a room with a view and Afternoon Tea too (lengthy review + pics)

That does sound rather lovely, re-interpreting tradition items and such. I also agree, the price is quite modest all things considered.

My only afternoon tea experience thus far has been at the Four Seasons and I found it adequate at best. They are quite traditional in their menu (cucumber sandwiches etc.) which I have nothing against; however, the desserts were particularly bland and uninspiring.

My next stop was going to be the King Eddy, but after this detailed post, I think I'll have to swing by C5.


Where to buy a cast iron pan?

Honest Eds carried Lodge pans for a few months ago when I purchased mine.

Best Indian

I agree that Tabla is still good.

Also, the times I've been have been busy. Most recently 3 weeks ago on a Saturday evening I had to wait for a table.