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Upscale meal with good vegetarian options

Thanks for all the replies, Hounds. Based on the feedback, we chose Oleana for the anniversary dinner. My wife ordered the vegetarian chef's tasting menu and I ordered the meat version. We both enjoyed our meal but didn't think it was exceptional.

As part of the non-vegetarian chef's tasting menu, I had fried mussels along with fried Hungarian peppers, grilled octopus skewers with olives on a bed of couscous, feta cheese and peppers and a beef dish. The octopus and mussels were great. The beef was certainly the low light, it seemed overcooked to me and the sweetish brown sauce that it came in seemed to overwhelm the taste of the meat.

In one of her courses, my wife got the same couscous, feta cheese, peppers and onions that was served under the octopus skewers for me. Other than that, for her, there was an unusual (and delicious) hummus dip for a starter, a good soup, and a falafel wrap with beets that was also quite good.

Dessert was fairly standard, again nothing exceptional.

We also found the space to be a bit cramped. We were seated in the area overlooking the back yard and there were times when I couldn't quite make out whether the waiter was talking to us or to someone at the neighboring tables.

All in all, a decent experience but probably not one we would want to repeat in a hurry.

Upscale meal with good vegetarian options

Thanks for the tip, pollystyrene. I was just looking at the O Ya menu. They do seem to have a few vegetarian options. I thought they'd be mostly fish, but I see some dishes with truffles, tofu etc. Probably a little pricier than I had first planned, but certainly worth considering.

Upscale meal with good vegetarian options

Thanks, MC Slim JB. I should have mentioned we prefer a less formal place too.

Sunday Brunch Buffet near Lexington?

Papa Razzi in Concord does a pretty decent brunch but I don't think they have a buffet.

Upscale meal with good vegetarian options

Hello, hounds. The missus and I are looking for an upscale dinner to celebrate our anniversary.

From some of the suggestions on this board, I gather that no. 9 Park might be worth a shot. My wife is vegetarian however, so I wanted to check if anyone had had the experience of ordering the vegetarian version of the chef's tasting menu or anything else vegetarian there.

Last year, we went to Craigie on Main and had what we thought was the best meal of our life. So, something to top that would be great :). Craigie on Main did a fantastic job of the vegetarian dishes too, so my wife has been spoilt by that experience.

Thanks a ton and looking forward to reporting back based on your feedback.

Why does the Acton/Concord area have NO GOOD RESTAURANTS?

Second Moonstones. They also have a pretty innovative cocktail menu.

Best Burger in MetroWest

If you're willing to travel up north to Chelmsford, Moonstone does a really good "Joe burger". Ask for the parmesan truffle fries instead of the regular fries. They are crispy thin, lightly coated with truffle oil and delicious!

Rave: Tom Yum Koong, Arlington branch

I have been to Tom Yum Koong a couple of times since they opened and, in my opinion, it beats Sweet Chili and Thai Moon. The taste is consistently cleaner and fresher than those other places. I especially liked the tilapia dish.

Good escargot at Chloe's in Hudson

I had dinner with some friends at Chloe's in Hudson last night. We had the escargot appetizers. It was my first time having the dish and I must say I was quite impressed. It had a nice salty under taste to it, the meat was tender and it paired well with the mushrooms they served on the side.

For the main course, I had the duck breast cooked well. That was quite nicely done too. The chocolate crepe dessert had some deliciously rich melted chocolate but I thought the crepe itself was somewhat tough and unappetizing. I ended up scooping out the chocolate and leaving the crepe behind.