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Bakery in chicago

I'm a baker from Montreal and i'll be in Chicago in few months for holiday. I wanna know we're I should go for the best bread in Chicago.
Any suggestions?

Dec 15, 2012
nanabou in Chicago Area

Good bakery in New York?

I prefer the French bread, but if there a place of German bread or Italian bread I should go, I will.

For the pastry , I prefer American style. Maybe I wanna try to find good doughnut, cheesecake and pie?

May 10, 2012
nanabou in Manhattan

Good bakery in New York?


I'm a baker from Montreal and I'll be in New York next week! I wanna know where I can find the ''best'' bread in New York, or maybe just a place you like for their croissant or for their special stuff.

Thank you!

May 09, 2012
nanabou in Manhattan