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Did Chipotle just buy El Faro ?

This just crossed my radar, Chipotle buying El Faro?
Can anyone confirm ?

Central Kitchen, is it worth it? [San Francisco]

Is there a new trend for expensive restaurants? I just saw the menu for Central Kitchen and I'm wondering if it is overpriced, or if I have unrealistic expectations on what to pay in SF these days. What do you expect to pay for a meal?

Poached hen. young potatoes. créme fråiche. dill and scallions: $24
Glass of wine : $9
Healthy SF: $4 (just a guess)
Tax+tip: $11
Total: $48

Dinner for 2 with no starter or Dessert: $100 (because you will round up the $96 anyway)
Entree, Main, and 2 glasses of wine will run you $ 80/pp
The tasting menu will run you $160/pp

(And that doesn't include the taxi to get there, because there is sod all parking in the area, or the extra cocktails you will consume at the bar next door while waiting for a table)