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Angelette's Cajun Kitchen in the Southwood Area of Tallahassee--A Review (Don't Miss It)

Angelette's is wonderful! I had the Eggs a la Duane and wanted to lick my plate!

I will say, though that I shared the bread pudding with a friend and didn't care for it because it was ice cold. If you are serving me bread pudding with a sauce, I like it warm.

One of the other diners in my group got the etouffee and was not impressed.

I can't wait to go back and try more things, though!

Sep 30, 2011
SouthernFoodie08 in Florida

Trader Joe's

I hope it comes to Tallahassee!

Sep 30, 2011
SouthernFoodie08 in Florida

trader joes in SWFL

I am excited to hear that TJs will soon come to Florida. I moved here from Los Angeles, and one of the things I miss the most are things I could buy at Trader Joes. A lot of great products for great prices. Hope they come to Tallahassee next. . . .

Sep 30, 2011
SouthernFoodie08 in Florida

Top Chef All-Stars - Ep. #7 - 01/19/11 (Spoilers)

I really enjoyed this episode!! I love how Blais feaks out for every challenge. That is a kindred spirit.. .

I am surprised that no on has discussed Chef Ludo being the guest judge, especially with his infamous "showings" on both Top Chef All Stars.

He is perfect for judging pop-ups, though. Ludobites is a GREAT pop-up! And, he loves the presentation of food, so I knew that Bodega would win points.

More current Tallahassee restaurants

Thank you both! It's funny that I have been here for three months and have only been to Whataburger on the list! :-)

I will be sure to check these out. Are there specific items I can try? Also, since you mention that these are not 5 or 4 star places, what are those? I am willing to splurge for a great meal.

Nov 08, 2010
SouthernFoodie08 in Florida

More current Tallahassee restaurants

I would love if a couple of Tallahassee local foodies would give a short list of their fave restaurants (any food type, but varying price ranges since I am a student and on a budget). I am a transplant from Los Angeles and I have not found any great food here yet.


Sep 12, 2010
SouthernFoodie08 in Florida

Anything decent at Crustacean

I know lots of foodies on here hate this place, but I like and appreciate it for what it is. Whenever I go, I get the garlic crab and garlic noodles. Since you are going to dinner with a client, you may want to skip the crab, but you can get the shrimp, which is prepared the same way. The garlic noodles can be hit and miss sometimes, but still get it because when it is good. . .it is really good.

I also like the appetizer that is a crab purse with a peanut-like sauce. Cannot remember the name. . .

Caramel Cake (preferably a slice) in Los Angeles

Thanks shebop! I have had cake monkey and liked it. I have to try that cake out!

Boiled Green Peanuts

I have seen bags of them raw at Asian markets like 99 Ranch. I also saw some already prepared at a bahn mi shop in SGV, but if you like your boiled peanuts like I like mine then you should boil your own with salt and seasonings. . .

99 Ranch
17713 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA

Caramel Cake (preferably a slice) in Los Angeles

Hi All,

I am trying to find caramel cake (or a regular cake with great caramel icing) to satisfy a birthday craving. . . . If I could just buy a slice or two that would be the best, but I may be willing to buy a whole cake if that is my only option.

I used to like the caramel eclairs at Boule, if that gives you and idea of the flavor I am thinking of.

Buttercream icing, please!


Streetgourmetla of chowhound fame mentioned in Travel & Leisure

YAY BILL!!! Just remember the little Foodies when you get "big time" ! :-)

Cayenne Cafe

I totally agree! I went on a whim during DineLA week and it was one of my favorite meals. Great flavor in all of the food and great prices! I did notice that the eggplant bruschetta appetizer that was DELISH was not on their regular menu.

Best BACON in Los Angeles. Prepared or for Take Home

I also like that you can get lean bacon (which quite a few foodies prefer) or more fatty bacon (my preference!) since they cut it off the slab for you. The woman at the counter smiled when I asked her for the fattier end if the slab, in fact. :-)

And, I am much to lazy (and clumsy) to cut my own bacon so I will leave that to them. . ..

Real Calzones

I am the fourth in support of Vito's. I like to ask for extra sauce!

Best BACON in Los Angeles. Prepared or for Take Home

I found the flavor of the bacon at Schreiner's to be very good and I like that you can have them slice it as thick as you want. I still prefer the bacon I can get home in the south, but they will do in a pinch. . .

Pimento cheese (spread) from the South

Of course you can make your own, but I have seen the packaged pimiento cheese at Ralphs. They are in the same section as cheese spreads (i,e, Alouette).

New Items at Mariscos Chente

Okay!!! Going soon. . .I LOVE that place!! Thanks for the new info, streetgourmetla!

Epicurean Butter

I purchased some porcini-sage butter (made by Epicurean) a little over a month ago. I stuck it in the freezer right after buying it, but still haven't used it. I read on one site that compound butters should be tossed after a month, even if it was frozen. Is that really the case? Or, is it possible that it is still edible? And, how would I know (beyond smell, of course) if it is a frozen petri dish?

Finally, if I can use it. . . do you have any suggestions of recipes?? Thanks!

Jan 06, 2010
SouthernFoodie08 in Home Cooking

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009

I need to edit myself already!! How could I forget Mariscos Chente???

So. . my under $25 is:
1. Mariscos Chente
2. Langers
3. Umami
4. Mo Chica
5. Jitlada
(6. between Vito's and In N Out)

PLEASE POST YOUR VOTES HERE: Ultimate Los Angeles Restaurants 2009

Thanks for doing this!

over $25
1. Animal
2. Osteria Mozza
3. Katsu Ya (original)
4. JiRaffe
5. Katsu (now closed, but I would put it on my list for this year)

Under $25
1. Langers
2. Umami
3. Mo Chica
4. Vito's Pizza
5. Jitlada
(close 6. to In N Out)

Deep fried or barbequed turkey -- Thanksgiving

When I had their fried turkey, it was at an event so they had whole turkeys. I don't know if they offer it sliced, but it is worth calling to find out.

Oh, and I had it at a BBQ, so there were no other traditional Thanksgiving-type sides.

DineLA- running reviews of places so far

I am late adding this to the list, but my final meal was at Water Grill. I was very excited as I am a big fan of seafood. But, I have to say this was my least favorite meal of the two weeks.

They offered as an amuse bouche spicy tuna wrapped in cucumber with a dollop of fish eggs on the side. It was tasty, a little spicy and a nice start.

For an appetizer, I got the Big Eye Tuna Sashimi - Yuzu, Red Radish, Asian Pear and Shiso. It was okay. . .nothing special and nothing I would ever order again. My dining companions got the White Chowder with Manila Clams - Weiser Farm Potatoes, Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Bacon, which they seemed to enjoy. But, they did mention that the serving seemed a little small.

For my entree, I got the South Pacific Ridgeback Swordfish - Grilled, with Heirloom Squash and Brown Butter Balsamic Vinaigrette. I thought this was just okay. The fish was bland and I got no additional flavor from the butter or balsamic. This was one time where I wanted there to be salt on the table. One of my dining companions got the same dish, the other got the Alaskan Halibut - Sautéed and Basted, with Lavender, Meyer lemon, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean Oil. She said it was just okay too. I had to chuckle, because when we asked the waiter for his recoomendation on the entree, he said "well, we are the best seafood restaurant in the city. . so they are all excellent". Different palates for different folks, I guess.

The best part of my meal was the dessert (which is not a good thing because that is never my favorite part of the meal), which was the Fromage Blanc Cheesecake - Ginger Poached Pears, Raspberries, Guava and Graham Cracker Streusel. The cheesecake was not overly sweet and was complimented well by the graham cracker crust.

So, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Maybe my expectations were too high for Water Grill. I don't think I will be rushing back anytime soon.

Water Grill
544 South Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Deep fried or barbequed turkey -- Thanksgiving

I have had Bludsoe's fried turkey and it was quite good.

A friend of mine ordered a fried turkey from Tasty Q and was very disappointed because it came out burnt. She said it was a madhouse there so she checked the bird when she got home.

DineLA- running reviews of places so far

I am batting three for three thus far! Last night I went to JiRaffe for DineLA. My dinner partner and I both ordered off the DineLA menu. They changed their menu from the first week, giving a change option for those who have been there before. Everything was wonderful!!

We both started with the seared Maine scallops with frisee,mediterranean veggies, asparagus and herbs. There was also a light lemon vinaigrette around the side. The scallops were super fresh and beautifully seared. Just lovely!

For my entree, I had the filet of beef on a bed of spinach with mushrooms and bone marrow in a bordelaise sauce. The beef was really tender and the sauce was rich and flavorful without being ridiculously heavy. My dining companion had the almond crusted John Dory in a lemon butter sauce with corn, mushrooms, peppers and capers. It came with spinach and fingerling potatoes. And, it was quite tasty as well (I liked my beef more). The servings were quite generous.

For dessert, I got Lisa's cookies (Lisa is the pastry chef). It was a nice plate of a assortment of cookies that were much better than I anticipated. Really buttery. And, there were four different kinds of chocolate chip cookie on the plate (from regular, to double chocolate, to pecan, to peanut butter) and an upscale version of the magic bar, which tasted like pecan pie to me! I did think that the plate would have been perfect if there was a lemon bar or something like that on there (Lisa agreed, as I mentioned it when I got a chance to meet her).

My dining companion was the winner, though getting the banana cream pie, which was really a tart filled with a light banana custard and topped with sugared bananas which were torched a la a creme brulee. That gave it a crackly crust. Very very good. . and I don't like banana desserts!

Our waiter, Chris was outstanding. Answering all questions and just having a generally great attitude. All in all a great experience!

DineLA- running reviews of places so far

I went to The Lobster on Friday and I agree with jannajones. I ordered the hamachi sushi as an appetizer. fresh and delicious! one other friend ordered off the dineLA menu as well and got the tempura prawn, which was quite tasty as well.

For my entree, I got the crabcakes. Two delicious crab-heavy cakes with a citrus cream underneath. They were topped with a very good corn salsa that was sweet and a great compliment to the seafood. My friend spent an extra $6 and got a 1 1/2 lb lobster steamed with butter and veggies. Didn't try that one, but she ate it all so it must have been great!

For dessert, we both got the chocolate panna cotta. It came with a super rich dark chocolate sorbet and little shortbread cookies. This dessert was good enough that I ate it all, even though I was full.

So far, so good. Two dine LA events and I have enjoyed them both immensely!

DineLA- running reviews of places so far

I have looked on here and don't see the usual on-going thread where people talk about the DineLA events they have been to so far. If they are a definite go or save your money.

I went to BLT Steak last night (my first event this time around) and found it to be really tasty and a great deal for what you get. What really boosted my opinion were the "extras". Along with our orders, we got chicken liver pate, popovers (with the recipe) and cookies as an extra dessert. My dinner companion went off menu so I was not able to try as many things, but still enjoyed it.

I went against my gut (was going to get mushroom risotto) and got a potato soup with watercress, a poached egg, and bacon. Very flavorful and different!! I also saw the endive salad at another table and it looked good (I am not generally a fan of endive, so I skipped)

For entree, I got the duet of beef (steak and short rib). The steak was good, not great but I fault myself for probably getting it cooked too hard (at medium). They did give me a choice of sauce to go with it (I tried bernaise and horseradish). The short rib was DELICIOUS, but not as hot as I wanted it to be (hot as in temperature). My friend got a filet which was very tasty as well and a little warmer. No sides, you have to order extra, but I did taste my friend's potato gratin, which was very good.

By the time I got to dessert, I was too full! I was only able to eat one bite of my warm chocolate brownie with butter pecan ice cream. It was VERY good, but I am not so much of a dessert person that I will overstuff myself for it. Oh, and the server brought out two complimentary chocolate cookies.

Service was great! Very attentive. I thought overall it was a very good dining experience and totally worth the $$$.

Anyone else want to share? :-)

Brazil Day LA 2009

Hate that I missed it! I will keep my eyes out next time.

Restaurant Week Recommendation

I had a reservation at Water Grill and cancelled because multiple people told me that their DineLA menu (previous time) was "just ok".

I signed up for The Lobster. I wanted to do XIV, but their menu wasn't really appealing to me. . .

Thick Cut Bacon With Rind


I will try Jon's (there is one fairly close, I think), Surfas, and Schreiners.

I have considered the bacon of the month club before, but it is a little pricey and no one has confirmed if it is worth it.

Thick Cut Bacon With Rind

Is there a place in Los Angeles where I can get really good thick cut bacon with the rind still attached? Typically, I will get some from my hometown in Florida when I visit to bring back. But, I am determined to find something more convenient.

I live in WeHo, near the Grove. I have looked at the butchers in the Farmer's Market and haven't seen it. Is it something I would have to ask for specifically? And, would I have to buy massive amounts to get it?