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Inexpensive place to buy dulse in Toronto

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. Quality is good. I usually buy a a 1 lb. bag and a 2 oz. of the applewood smoked.

Is there a GREAT Bloody Mary Mix ???

Pot liquor in a Bloody is AMAZING. Also a big fan of this local favorite:

Jan 26, 2013
There4IM in Spirits

Moving to Herndon

Zeffirelli's matched all my expectations (but didn't exceed them). It's definitely old-school. I imagine it had updates and probably hit its "formula" in the 80s, with a few cosmetic updates in the mid 90s (just guessing). Classic Italian-American fare, comfortably presented. The service adapted well to my pace, and I never felt ignored (I was a solo diner). Great wine list, but pricing seem heavily engineered. For every amazing bottle that was overpriced, there were at least two lesser ones that were good values.

The veal chop: a tender juicy pound (after cooking) of love. Heavy on salt and fat, but that's just the way it's done. Paired okay with the recommended Amarone, but better with the slightly fruitier Barolo. Clam appetizer was disappointing.

I'd visit again, because I'm old enough to have a fondness for that "classic" vibe. But they're going to face a needed "freshness" menu upgrade to serve the next generation of foodies.

Still, not a bad place for a quiet birthday indulgence.

Moving to Herndon

Stuck in Herndon on business during my birthday. Not in the mood for Asian this time around, so I'm going to hit up Zeffirelli solo for the chop tomorrow. I'll report back.