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Blintzes in Manhattan?

Across the street from B&H: Stage, 128 Second Avenue, between 7th St. & St. Mark's Place;
Polish-style blintzes (crepe rolled rather than folded).

127 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Dec 13, 2010
Seth in Manhattan

Gazala's - Excellent falafel on the UWS

Oddly, I and my friend ordered many dishes on our first trip to Galala's this past Friday evening, and the falafel was the only one I didn't enjoy-- way too much salt!

380 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10024

Dec 13, 2010
Seth in Manhattan

Kaloum on 116th

Dec 03, 2010
Seth in Manhattan

dinner for 25-30 people by Columbia U?

Columbia University Faculty House.

Oct 05, 2010
Seth in Manhattan

Help needed: visiting Ganesh Temple canteen in Flushing tomorrow

Next time, take the Q27 bus from Main St./Roosevelt Avenue to the Temple.

Ganesh Temple Canteen
45-57 Bowne St, Queens, NY 11355

May 25, 2010
Seth in Outer Boroughs


Diamond Dairy closed in December.

May 05, 2010
Seth in Kosher

Food in Syria

Do you have any recommendations for Aleppo?

Apr 13, 2010
Seth in Middle East & Africa

What to eat at Marea?

What you said about the water and bread people being the most personable of the restaurant employees-- I have found that this is often the case in various restaurants.

Feb 15, 2010
Seth in Manhattan

New Take - In Japanese to replace Yuki Sushi on UWS?

The management of Kouzan is the same as Yuki's was.

Nov 30, 2009
Seth in Manhattan

Neptune Room closed!

Too bad. I thought it was one of the most pleasant restaurants in the area, and the fish was wonderfully fresh.

Jan 28, 2009
Seth in Manhattan

Neptune Room closed!

Passed by the Neptune Room (Amsterdam & 84th/85th) and saw that it was closed. A note said that the kitchen was being renovated. Do any of you have inside information as to whether it will, in fact, reopen?

Jan 27, 2009
Seth in Manhattan

Where to find best round challah in manhattan??

Silver Moon-- plain, raisin, or whole wheat.

Sep 11, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Rosh Hashana challah in NYC?

Silver Moon-- plain, raisin or whole wheat.

Sep 11, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Where to find uppuma?

When in Queens, ask for uppuma at the
Ganesh Temple Canteen
45-57 Bowne St
Flushing, NY 11355
They mention "upma" on their website; click onto "Community Center," then "Canteen."

Sep 05, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Upper West Side - Quiet Restaurant?

I found Dean's Pizza to be extremely noisy-- at least in the large space towards the back. If you can sit outside or near the bar you may be able to carry on a conversation.

Jul 31, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Best Dosa in Jackson Heights?

I believe Delhi Palace (37-33 74th Street ) also has dosas.

Jul 25, 2007
Seth in Outer Boroughs

Where's your favorite cheesecake bakery? [moved from Manhattan board]

By Murray's, do you mean the cheese shop or some other Murray's?

Jul 24, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Cold Summertime Ramen

New York magazine's website lists ONY as closed.
Best to search "cold ramen" threads on the Manhattan board.

Jun 20, 2007
Seth in Outer Boroughs

NY Times - Tiffan Dabba story (Indian food delivery)

New York now has Tiffin Wallah, which intends to deliver and, later, expand the delivery area.
For now, I believe the goal is to cover midtown Manhattan.
See also

May 29, 2007
Seth in Manhattan

Himalayan Yak is Yakky!!!

Tibet Shambala on the Upper West Side has been closed for months.

Mar 16, 2007
Seth in Outer Boroughs

Inexpensive to moderate Chinese near Lincoln Ctr

Another possibility: the recently remodelled China Fun,
246 Columbus Ave. between 72nd and 73rd.

Nov 15, 2006
Seth in Manhattan

Teigelach...? Anyone?

Teigelach can be ordered from the Silver Moon Bakery,2740 Broadway @ 105th Street, tel: 212.866.4717 fax:212.866.4756.
I'm not sure how authentic it is, but it tastes pretty good!

Sep 20, 2006
Seth in Manhattan


I am sorry to say that, on a visit to Pompano Beach this week, I discovered that the Sunfish Grill, one of the Ft. Lauderdale area's best fish restaurants, has closed. The space has a "for rent" sign on it.

Aug 23, 2006
Seth in Florida