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NEED HELP - Belfast - NYC Trip 18-21 May

Thanks for all the info folks, you've really given us something to go on.

Looking forward to some great food.

May 10, 2012
JON70 in Manhattan

NEED HELP - Belfast - NYC Trip 18-21 May

Two colleagues coming to New York from Ireland on a business trip, although over the weekend so looking for some good places to eat.

LOCATION - Staying on Lexington Ave below Grand Central but willing to taxi/walk within reason. Ideally would be within walking distance, 15/20 mins.

BUDGET - Mains below $25-30, excluding drinks, tips etc as on an expense account which is quite small.

Last time in New York, went to Gramercy Tavern (Tavern room - loved it), Chinatown Brasserie (excellent), ShakeShack (great burger with a beer sitting in the snow!), PJ Clarke's, Oyster Bar at Grand Central (not so good), and a great French restaurant somewhere I can't remember, can't even remember the name (but it was superb).

What I'm looking for is somewhere you can walk-in at the weekend and not be turned away, where there's a good New York atmosphere, had thought about the pub at Keen's but that is about as far as I got. Don't mind if it's a bar with tables or a full blown restaurant, don't mind the cuisine.

Also as an aside need a good breakfast place on Lexington around Grand Central, as I need a caffeine fix very quickly after leaving hotel in the morning or I get really grumpy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

May 08, 2012
JON70 in Manhattan