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R&D - New update. Photo and menu.

If you read the review, CNS mentioned he was a possible candidate to be a judge on Masterchef but was bypassed. It seems the reviewer is still salty about it. Not to say that there isn't any legitimate issues with R&D's food, service, decor, etc, but the review isn't without any bias to it.

Sushi party trays and bento boxes

Regarding the takeout bento containers, I saw some at a restaurant supply store called Tap Phong. The store is located on Spadina, north of Dundas.

They have other takeout containers as well, other than the ones shown in the pic.

Toronto Costcos - which steaks do you buy?

The Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon) on sale at Sobeys is only AA or USDA Select, so it's not the same quality as Costco.

ISO: Whole dried bananas

Would be interesting to see these being used for making banana bread.

Loblaws sells ugly fruit at a discount to curb food waste

I thought farmers sold their blemished and aesthetically imperfect fruit/vegetables to juice and sauce producers at a discount?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

I think you'd have to cook them frozen so that their sturdy enough, otherwise if you thaw them they'd turn to mush.

Sasso chicken

It says that it's from Abate Farms in Ontario.

Sasso chicken

I bought the chickens from an Asian grocery store called "Grand Fortune Supermarket", located at Market Village near Kennedy/Steeles. They also carry a number of farmed game birds such as pheasants, guinea fowl, mallard duck, etc.

Sasso chicken

I just bought a couple of whole "Sasso" Chickens to try out. Does anyone have anymore background information on the background, breed, etc?

Best Budget Pricing on Organic Free Range Antibiotic Free Meat in GTA

The meat at Costco is just fine and is a lot better than what's available in other supermarkets/grocery stores. Their whole vacuumed sealed roast beef and whole organic chickens are a great deal.

Depending upon your culinary skills and freezer space, you might wanna consider purchasing whole sides of cows and pigs from here:
^ The reason why I mention culinary skills is because unless you know how to prepare/make use of some of the cheap cuts (trotters, oxtail, offal, etc), than purchasing half or quarter of a whole animal may not be worthwhile to you.

Affordable Wedding Catering in Toronto -- Am I asking for too much?

From what my friends and family told me of their own weddings, even with a buffet setup you're looking at about $75-100/pp and that's without staff fees. I dunno, I think it may help if you let us know what your background is and what type of food you're interested in as well?

Australian Diamond Valley 'Wagyu Beef' at Ontario Costco

Too bad Costco doesn't carry Wagyu beef from Japan! :d

Traditional curing, preserving, baking, cooking classes taught by a grandmother or grandfather?

Are you specifically looking for elderly individuals to teach you traditional techniques/recipes? I'm not sure how forthcoming people would be in teaching "outsiders" their family recipes, unless their relatives or close friends of the family tbh?

Why not just search for old recipe books from individuals like Julia Child, Isabella Beeton, Fernand Point, etc? Most old school traditional recipes are adaptation and based off of old cookery books anyways.

Where to buy fresh lump crab meat in GTA?

The seafood vendors at St. Lawrence market sell "fresh' crab meat in little tubs by Phillips. I suspect all retailers in Toronto sell the same one:

ISO Butter Tart Recipe

Recipe is good, but I would substitute the corn syrup with either Golden Syrup (the best imo!) or Maple Syrup. As well as add some lemon or orange zest in the pastry crust to help cut through the richness.

Where to find Turkey Wings - Midtown if possible?

Instead of going out of your way to buy just Turkey wings, try going to your local supermarket and buy a Utility Grade Turkey. Their the same as their Grade A counterparts, except their missing a limb, torn skin, or some other blemish. So their not aesthetically perfect.

Here's what I do to make really good Turkey gravy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. During the holiday season, you normally see utility grade Turkeys go on sale for about $0.79-$1/lb in Supermarkets.

Buy one of these birds ($5-6), break it all down, roast them along with some herbs and vegetables. Place all your ingredients into a pressure cooker or slow cooker, and when you're done, you'll have amazing gravy.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I just checked my 72% dark chocolate, and it has the exact same ingredients listed as above. Just a high proportion of cocoa mass. The quality is very good, and not to mention couverture. Meaning it has a higher cocoa butter content than regular chocolate.

Honestly, I find the Galerie chocolate to be a lot more user friendly than using large blocks. What I also do is split a 5kg bag into 2-3 separate pouches and vacuum seal it to retain their freshness.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I actually prefer using these:

The quality/price is quite comparable, and it's much easier to use as their already in pieces. So I only have to pour and measure, instead of chop, measure, chop, remeasure with the block of Callebaut chocolate.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Does anyone known if the Thurie Marble Chocolates are still on sale this week or is the sale already over?

peanut oil for frying fried chicken?

Peanut oil is probably the best oil to use for frying, since it has a high smoking point and is largely flavourless. It used to be widely used until it fell out of favour due to allergy reasons.

Nov 28, 2014
asagiri in Home Cooking

For you jowl lovers...head to T&T this weekend

Their the same product. The pink colour is the result of the pork being exposed to air discolouring the meat to a pink hue. It's the same for all meat packaged in vacuum seal and exposed to air.

ISO - (pink) curing salt

Is that pure sodium nitrate or is it premixed with salt?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Query: has anyone seen any dried wild mushrooms being sold at Costco? I rmb a couple of yrs back, they used to carry dried porcini and a mixed variety, but I haven't seen any in a long while.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

how's the saute pan?

Bakeries that bake birthday cake from scratch

If you enjoyed the Black Forest cake from Sweet Note, why not just go for them? Sure it's a little expensive, but it's like the old saying "you get what you paid for".

But if costs really is an issue, I would either serve smaller portions of a really good cake or go to Costco and purchase some of their premade cakes (i.e. Tiramisu).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Was at Costco (Billy Bishop) the other day and noticed they started selling almond flour for about $25/package (approximately 1.5kg).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

What does you use the Kefir for?

I just bought a jug, and plan on using it for making ice cream and soda bread as a substitute for buttermilk. Just trying to see what are some other possibilities?

Anyone try Richmond Station's New Menu?


Grass Fed Butter in Toronto?

I think you'd have an easier time finding a 40yr virgin... XD

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

Costco (Billy Bishop) is having a sale on their Organic Whole Chickens. $6.00 off per package, regular price is about $30 for two whole chickens.