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ISO Butter Tart Recipe

Recipe is good, but I would substitute the corn syrup with either Golden Syrup (the best imo!) or Maple Syrup. As well as add some lemon or orange zest in the pastry crust to help cut through the richness.

Where to find Turkey Wings - Midtown if possible?

Instead of going out of your way to buy just Turkey wings, try going to your local supermarket and buy a Utility Grade Turkey. Their the same as their Grade A counterparts, except their missing a limb, torn skin, or some other blemish. So their not aesthetically perfect.

Here's what I do to make really good Turkey gravy for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. During the holiday season, you normally see utility grade Turkeys go on sale for about $0.79-$1/lb in Supermarkets.

Buy one of these birds ($5-6), break it all down, roast them along with some herbs and vegetables. Place all your ingredients into a pressure cooker or slow cooker, and when you're done, you'll have amazing gravy.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I just checked my 72% dark chocolate, and it has the exact same ingredients listed as above. Just a high proportion of cocoa mass. The quality is very good, and not to mention couverture. Meaning it has a higher cocoa butter content than regular chocolate.

Honestly, I find the Galerie chocolate to be a lot more user friendly than using large blocks. What I also do is split a 5kg bag into 2-3 separate pouches and vacuum seal it to retain their freshness.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

I actually prefer using these:

The quality/price is quite comparable, and it's much easier to use as their already in pieces. So I only have to pour and measure, instead of chop, measure, chop, remeasure with the block of Callebaut chocolate.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - October to December

Does anyone known if the Thurie Marble Chocolates are still on sale this week or is the sale already over?

peanut oil for frying fried chicken?

Peanut oil is probably the best oil to use for frying, since it has a high smoking point and is largely flavourless. It used to be widely used until it fell out of favour due to allergy reasons.

Nov 28, 2014
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For you jowl lovers...head to T&T this weekend

Their the same product. The pink colour is the result of the pork being exposed to air discolouring the meat to a pink hue. It's the same for all meat packaged in vacuum seal and exposed to air.

ISO - (pink) curing salt

Is that pure sodium nitrate or is it premixed with salt?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Query: has anyone seen any dried wild mushrooms being sold at Costco? I rmb a couple of yrs back, they used to carry dried porcini and a mixed variety, but I haven't seen any in a long while.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

how's the saute pan?

Bakeries that bake birthday cake from scratch

If you enjoyed the Black Forest cake from Sweet Note, why not just go for them? Sure it's a little expensive, but it's like the old saying "you get what you paid for".

But if costs really is an issue, I would either serve smaller portions of a really good cake or go to Costco and purchase some of their premade cakes (i.e. Tiramisu).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

Was at Costco (Billy Bishop) the other day and noticed they started selling almond flour for about $25/package (approximately 1.5kg).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - July to September

What does you use the Kefir for?

I just bought a jug, and plan on using it for making ice cream and soda bread as a substitute for buttermilk. Just trying to see what are some other possibilities?

Anyone try Richmond Station's New Menu?


Grass Fed Butter in Toronto?

I think you'd have an easier time finding a 40yr virgin... XD

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

Costco (Billy Bishop) is having a sale on their Organic Whole Chickens. $6.00 off per package, regular price is about $30 for two whole chickens.

Where to buy skirt steak

As yakionigiri girl pointed out, I made the mistake and thought flap steak was hangar steak. What Costco used to carry was Flap meat/steak, which I misconstrued/misnomer as hangar steak by accident. It was still a very flavourful and well marbled cut, and I'm disappointed Costco no longer carries it.

Btw Costco was having a sale on their Organic Whole Chickens. $6.00 off per package, regular price is about $30 for two whole chickens. I bought a pack today to make fried chicken! :D

Where to buy skirt steak

I just came back from Costco (Billy Bishop) and they no longer seem to be carrying it. Also, it wasn't referred to as "Hangar" steak on the label, it was called Flap meat instead.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

It was the one by Downsview (Billy Bishop).

Where to buy skirt steak

It was the one by Downsview (Billy Bishop).

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2014 - April to June

IIRC Sealtest Butter was $3.89/lb, so it might be on sale.

Also I noticed that Costco has started selling Kerrygold Unsalted Organic Butter for about $7.xx/lb. Regular retail is about $10/lb

Where to buy skirt steak

Costco has started selling Flap or Hangar Steak for about $8-9/lb. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and it's well marbled and very flavourful.

I know it's not skirt steak, but it's a possible alternative for people looking for a similar cut.

Duck Eggs Toronto?

I checked the carton, their free range and their sourced here in Ontario. So I'm guessing it has to due with our obscenely long winter we've been having affecting supply.

I'm using them for baking. Making brioche style breads for Easter. I find these duck eggs far superior to chicken eggs, even the free range or organic variety.

Duck Eggs Toronto?

I was able to find them at Lucky Moose on Dundas, thanks! They went up from $4.99/dozen to $5.99/dozen.

But it's funny, all the other Asian supermarkets I've been to that used to carry them, no longer do so. I even double checked all the grocery stores in the area (Spadina) and none of them other than Lucky Moose had them.

Duck Eggs Toronto?

I just noticed in the Asian supermarkets I frequent, that none of them seem to carry duck eggs anymore? They come by the dozen in plastic cartons. Does anyone know what happened to the supply?

I'm referring to fresh duck eggs, and not the preserved salted variety. Thanks!

Question about Rowe Farms

When I used to work as a meat clerk, my department manager made about $25.xx/hr. This was in a chain based grocery store btw.

Buy, Buy, Birdie?

It's possible they placed the whole bird in a vacuum seal and sous vide cooked it at low temperatures, before quickly placing it in the broiler to crisp up the skin.

This was the method developed by George Pralus in the Troisgros restaurant in France to cook Foie Gras. Which resulted in a higher yield and better texture in the product.

Bakeries that bake birthday cake from scratch

Most commercial bakeries have a practice of mass producing cakes and than freezing them for later use. But cakes baked from scratch are naturally denser than store bought packages.

I rmb watching a ep of America's Test Kitchen where they did a comparison of store bought cake and ones they made from scratch. The store bought variety was lighter and more airy than their home made version, which is attributed to the leveners, tenderizers, etc that was included in the mix of store bought packages.

'Bero' - Went!!

The Rabbit was good, and like you mentioned it did taste like good quality free range chicken. The quality of the rabbit was fine, but I wish we didn't get the rack as I found it a bit fiddly to eat with a knife and fork. So it didn't eat elegantly imo. I think it would've been easier if they boned out the loin from the rack and serve the rabbit as medallion pieces instead.

'Bero' - Went!!

I dunno, the addition of crispy Serrano Ham would solve the issue of texture, but it might be too salty and overpower the delicate flavour of snails.

I remember in the Rabbit dish I had, they included some fried enoki mushroom. If they included that in the gnocchi dish, it would be a more cohesive dish. As the mushrooms wouldn't overpower the other components and provide great contrast in texture.