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French Door, Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator - New Owners, Please Post

Did you get a response about the GE Profile one you were asking about? That is the one I am looking at as well.

Sep 26, 2007
sweetthang in Cookware

Bottom-Freezer French Door Refrigerator?

We are planning to update our kitchen with granite and stainless appliances. We are looking at refrigerators and we are trying to decide between a traditional Side-by-Side or a Bottom-Freezer version with French Doors. I defnitely like the look of the french doors! I have been told that I should be getting the Bottom-Freezer because 'that's what everyone is getting these days'. We are trying to standardize all of our appliances and we will probably go with the GE Profile line. I have been told that we should probably go with a Counter-depth version, so that it looks like it is built-in. The problem that I see is the GE Profile one of that size only has a water dispenser in the door and not an ice dispenser. We have an extra refrigerator and freezer in our garage, so I really am not concerned with the limited freezer space.

I am new to Chowhound, so if this is a question that is frequently asked, please direct me to the correct topic.

Thanks so much for any input!

Sep 25, 2007
sweetthang in Cookware