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Farewell, Foie Gras: I'm Not Sorry to See You Go

I myself have enjoyed foie gras a few times in my life. As a former cook and a food lover, I'm actually not sad to see it go either. Like most meat products in my life, I can have it, or it can go. The world has plenty of delicious food that is not animal based.

My primary concern is the fact that the government is intervening. Where is the discussion about how far the government can step into the flow of private business? Yes, banning tube-feeding will eliminate some of the problem with animal cruelty. What else is considered cruel? Simply killing an animal? Will you just move on to the next small producer until you reach the big guys who do the serious animal abuse and completely ban meat production altogether? After meat is banned, what else is considered cruel? When human adults pump sugary drinks into their children's diets because so many in poverty have the mentality they can't afford fresh produce? What is considered eating to the point of something being unnatural? Is it when someone is 700 lbs and needs a machine to get across the supermarket? How will you save these defenseless creatures? This law is founded on indignation in the first place, by those who believe animals should be treated the way they believe animals should be treated.

Even though foie gras is enjoyed by the 1% who can afford it, the ability to make conscious sustainable food choices is also limited to a certain elitest class.

Jun 03, 2012
biqibiqi in Features

Mac & Cheese Pies

I made this into one giant pie! Loved this, but it's really not as stellar without the pie crust.

May 04, 2012
biqibiqi in Recipes