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Bells Seasoning

Is there any place in Illinois that carries Bell's Poultry Seasoning? I'm from New England and I'd like to get some to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Nov 21, 2014
maple1 in Chicago Area

McDonalds' Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches - Where can they be found??

They sell them here in NE CT so I do think it's an individual store thing.

Now, if someone could tell me what markets still sell the McSkillet Burrito (I made a separate post about them), that would be great!

Sep 18, 2012
maple1 in Chains

McDonalds McSkillet Burrito

The McSkillet Burrito was discontinued nationally about 2010 but I recently discovered that some stores still carry it. In fact, it's still on McD's official menu. It's not available in my area but I thought I would see if others could post where it is available so if anyone else is looking for it, they would know.

Anyone know if it's available near you?


Sep 18, 2012
maple1 in Chains