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what are these potato/pasta discs from Syria?

Hmmm...maybe. They look very similiar, but those look a little too textured. The ones I'm talking about are perfectly smooth (except for the ripples). Have you ever had these? It sounds like I should try frying them.

Feb 22, 2013
Siddy7 in Middle East & Africa

what are these potato/pasta discs from Syria?

When I visited Syria, I encountered an unusual food item in all of the markets. They are discs that look like pasta, but I think they are actually potato (communication between me and the shop owners was rather limited!) In fact, they come in both plain and rippled, just like potato chips. Does anyone know what these things are? I tried boiling them in water, but they pretty much disintegrated. I don't do much deep-frying, but that's my next plan. Has anyone had any experience with these things before?

Thanks for your help!

Feb 21, 2013
Siddy7 in Middle East & Africa

Favorite middle eastern in Patterson?

I've visited Paterson twice and both times I've eaten at Al Safa. After I stumbled across it on my first visit, I couldn't imagine going anywhere else! The food is absolutely delicious - probably the best fattoush I've ever had. The restaurant is right across the street from Fattal's so it's easy to find. Enjoy your visit to Paterson. I wish I lived closer so I could visit there more often myself!

May 03, 2012
Siddy7 in New Jersey