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Wife planning surprise guys weekend in Toronto

Hi all - My husband's turning 40 and 5 friends are flying in from NYC and San Fran to surprise him. They're staying downtown, enjoy good food but not a scene, open to all ethnicities. I need ideas for two meals:

Dinner Friday night on his birthday(6 guys and me). Trying to keep the prices reasonable. They asked about Peking Duck but I don't think there's any great place in Toronto to go that isn't expensive. Am I wrong? I was looking into Patois, People's Eatery, Hawker Bar, Fonda Lola... I'm all over the map. Open to all ideas where I can get a reservation for 7 where we could have a good meal, great service, not pricey and a relaxed atmosphere.

Late Dinner Saturday night after a Maple Leaf's game for just the guys. Any place nearby that's reasonably priced and not terrible?


Hip Toronto restaurant ideas needed - good food, service with terrace or outdoor space

Probably not asian but otherwise open. Entrees below $30? Anything above that should be saved for anniversaries or expense accounts in my book. Enoteca Sociale is one of the few restaurants I've tried in Toronto since I moved here; but it was winter. I didn't realize they had outdoor space. Great idea!

Hip Toronto restaurant ideas needed - good food, service with terrace or outdoor space

I have friends coming into town in June who expect me to pick a hot restaurant for a Saturday night that has a terrace or some kind of outdoor space. Any neighborhood is fine as long as the restaurant is popular with foodies and food and service is great (not stuffy). It must take reservations and not be too crazy expensive. Ideas? Thanks everyone!