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Looking for advice for a range under $2000...

I love the idea of induction - which got GREAT reviews - but most of my cookware is All-clad copper core, and I have read that if a magnet does not stick, it won't work for induction (I tried it - worked on the Staub stuff, but not my All-clad.)

Oct 30, 2013
ahemmeri in Cookware

Looking for advice for a range under $2000...

My old oven - electric coils,non-convection oven - bit the dust. Only one burner works, two layers of glass inside of the oven have was already struggling when we bought our house (range included) 15 years ago.

So, I'm looking for a new one for under $2000. We have gas in our home, so we COULD run a gas line to the stove, but the cost of that would have to be included. I also read a few consumer reports that found that, while gas has faster temp response, electric have a wider range of temps and can maintain low temps more accurately while also heating faster. So I am open to electric...

I would adore double ovens, but at least one oven needs to be able to hold a 15 lb turkey in an all-clad roasting pan. And convection is a must - I've been dreaming of convection for 15 years!

Consumer reports recommends a Frigidaire FGEF308TNF for my price range, but I can't tell if those double ovens are big enough for a decent sized turkey...

The GE Profile PS978STSS is also recommended, but is a little more than we wanted to spend.

What do you think? Any advice on either of these models, or is there something else you would recommend?

Thanks so much!

Oct 29, 2013
ahemmeri in Cookware

Help me find good lunch (or brunch) places around our vacation activities!

We are in Seattle for a couple of days, and we are trying to find some good lunch areas around our activities.

Today, we'll be going to the Ballard Locks and shopping areas.

Tomorrow, taking a ferry to Bainbridge.

Friday, a tour at Theo Chocolate

Saturday, a trip to the zoo.

Sunday, a sailboat ride at the Center for Wooden Boats.

Kid-friendly or outdoor seating would be excellent, but we don't want to be stuck with burgers and pizza the whole time.

We've been here a couple of days so far and we've done a couple of taco trucks, Red Mill, a couple of pizza places, Ray's, Top Pot, some Thai, the Fainting Goat and Molly Moon for ice cream...

With just grown-ups, we've done Poppy and Revel and the Walrus and the Carpenter (as well as the Hazelwood and Canon).

We want to try to fit in a trip to the Skillet Diner and maybe Frost donuts (but they look waaaaaay out there!).

So what do you think? Any ideas? (we would also love ideas of kidfriendly things to do around our daily plans!)

Jul 18, 2012
ahemmeri in Greater Seattle