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Tunica Casinos - Where's Good to Eat?

Can't help ya now, but I'll be there on Monday and I'll post my findings afterward.

Visiting from the Midwest

Yeah, I have to agree with both of them. Not really a Tex Mex town, but you can certainly get your fill at 'Flats. The experience - if you go for a late dinner - may be better than the food itself.

Pre-theater I would highly suggest walking up 9th avenue (Hell's Kitchen). It's really the food melting pot of NYC imho. Everything from French to Thai to fantastic Hispanic food (El Deportivo and El San Juan are both great). I also really like a few of the burger joints further up 9th. Btw 51st and 52nd @ 9th, there's Island Burgers and Shakes, and a new - and terrific - joint around the corner on 52nd is Lucky's Famous.
You can take the A train from Chelsea (it runs up and down 8th Avenue) up to midtown if you like. Enjoy!

Sep 26, 2007
GreezySpoon in Manhattan

Memphis followup and thanks

Been lurking for some time now and wanted to thank those who have posted on other threads about local tasties - specifically the BBQ. I've certainly made lots of notes, and plan to use them when I leave the Big Apple and embark on a Little Rock > Memphis > Birmingham trip that I'm starting next week. Note: I've been mail ordering Neeley's 'Interstate' for some time now and I'm pumped to get it fresh off the fire.

The only other suggestion I'd like to elicit is around a dinner spot. I'll have more than my share of shirt-staining, sleeve-dripping meals on this trip, and I'd like to take one night midway through to get a bottle of wine at a 'nice but not too nice' dinner spot - preferably for steaks and or chops. Thoughts?

I be sure to post my review take when i get back. Again, thanks.