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Restaurant on Sunday? Montreal

Check out Bottega (best pizzeria in town, although not close to Old Montreal). It's open on Sundays.

85th birthday in special setting

Montreal is notoriously weak on weekend lunches. Most restaurants don't even open for lunch, and those that do serve brunch only, with a few exceptions.

My best suggestions would be The Queen Elizabeth's Montrealais, Maison Boulud or Renoir.

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

Sure thing: You can't go wrong with the Shandy drink made with homemade ginger beer, the mabo nasu noodles with spicy beef, and the monstrous Garett Dog sandwich (pics below).

Thoughts on Holder? Steak&Frites? Any other suggestions?

Avoid Steak & Frites if you're a "foodie". Holder is a good option.

Otherwise I would recommend the following for a non-expensive, festive/unpretentious experience: BEVO Bar + Pizzeria, Big in Japan, Deville Dinerbar.

BYOB Recommendations

We like A l'Os (French), Au Tarot (Tunisian), Panos (don't judge) and Thanjai (Indian).

La Prunelle

I went in November (second visit). Nothing special, works as a decent alternative to cooking without spending too much, although some might argue that $49 for a 3-course meal is quite steep given the location/casual nature of the place. It's also BYOW.

Dinner for group of 6 men in Montreal

Pastaga is a great choice: nouvelle Quebec cuisine using lots of local ingredients by famed chef Martin Juneau. Great natural wine selection and food. Casual, grown-up vibe. You can't go wrong here. It was in the enRoute Canada best new restaurant list for 2012 I believe.

Indian in Montreal 2014

Thanjai in the CDN area is a great choice. Authentic, family-run, south-Indian (so not the typical food you find elsewhere). Pictured here: Lassi (Salt), Potato Bonda, Sambar Vada, Butter Chicken & Shrimp Biryani.

Tazah on the Plateau/Syrian in general

Go for any of the fattehs. Here you see the fattet makdous (small eggplants).

New Yorker looking for quintessential Montreal cheap eats 2014

Thanks. And even if it is a must, which it is pretty much for me, it is impossible to factor it in a meal value, because the price can vary so much, even at the same place, from $5 for a local beer to $200 or more for a bottle of wine... Really no point in making it part of any "price" discussion.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Montreal cheap eats 2014

The OP did not mention anything about drinks. You can EAT at Icehouse for less than $20, period. Your argument would apply at all the other places suggested on this post.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Montreal cheap eats 2014

I disagree. Like I said, some items are cheap, while others are a little pricier. The original person asked for $20 per person. You can easily get stuffed at Icehouse for $19: Grilled Steak Burrito $11 and Fried Chicken Tacos $8, just as an example.

New Yorker looking for quintessential Montreal cheap eats 2014

Here are a few budget-friendly suggestions that won't disappoint (note, these are personal favorites):

Al-Baghdadi in the downtown Concordia Ghetto area serves the city's best and freshest manakish (Middle Eastern pizza, first picture below). You can also grab a shisha here and discover the city's Middle Eastern community.

Blackstrap BBQ in Verdun is a great Memphis-style BBQ joint. Be prepared to show up early because they run out of meat on a daily basis. The only thing is that Verdun is largely a residential area, so you probably wouldn't be in the area otherwise (2nd pic below, brisket sandwich).

Icehouse right off the city's iconic The Main (Saint-Laurent boulevard) serves great southern food. Some items are pricier but you can easily eat well here for less than $20 a person (3rd pic below, southern brunch).

Jano, also on The Main, serves Portuguese meats in a cozy, warm setting.

Le Boucan, in the city's blossoming Little Burgundy area, serves BBQ fare in a relaxed environment (4th pic below, BBQ chicken breast, best in city).

Satay Brothers, in another gentrifying neighborhood, Saint-Henri serves one of the city's best Asian soups (5th pic below) as well as other Southeast Asian specialties.

Hope this helps.

Montreal Wedding Venue Help !

Check out L'Ambroisie in Saint-Henri. It's a converted commercial/light industrial space with tons of character:

Dinner spot

Don't think either of those 3 serve brunch or lunch on Sundays.

Here are a few Sunday night options: Le Mas des Oliviers, Brasserie T, F Bar, L'Express, Pastaga, Lemeac, Holder, Dominion Square Tavern.


Dinner spot

Go for Bouillon Bilk. It is one of the best under-the-radar spots in town. Not a lot of people talk about it, but it's top notch.

downtown foodies- but with extended family: Decca 77, Beaver Hall, Dominion?

I would go with Beaver Hall. It's very large, has a very diverse menu that's bound to satisfy everyone.

Recommendations for brunch w/ kids, in Montreal or within an hour by car

You can try the brunch at Chateau Vaudreuil. The food is a little on the generic side but the setting and surroundings are beautiful.

Best Italian for foodies w/ 8 month old baby

You should be ok at Venti. Just don't go too late.

Favorite Destination Restaurants Downtown?

Hi, I'll be visiting Toronto with my wife and two toddlers. I need some recommendations for brunch, lunch and dinner. Staying at The Westin Harbour Castle. Nearby suggestions are preferable. Much appreciated.

Dinner with a view

View is a tough one in Montreal. Your best bets would be Communion (kinda touristy food-wise and not exactly a great view, but a nice terrace on a wide sidewalk) and Terrasses Nelligan (Hotel rooftop terrace)

top restaurants in Montreal and Old Quebec

I would suggest the following (for Montreal):

French: Bouillon Bilk, Pastaga
Italian: Beatrice (f.k.a. Bice), Osteria Venti
Seafood: Cafe Ferreira (Portuguese), Milos (Greek)
Steak: La Queue de Cheval, Moishe

2 foodie couples in their early 30s vsiiting montreal from Toronto

I would go with Joe Beef, Park and L'Express.

For trendy drinks, check out SuWu and La Champagnerie.

Creative/Authentic Italian in Montreal

Didn't know that, but their dinner menu is fairly expensive.

Creative/Authentic Italian in Montreal

I would add Beatrice (fka Bice): upscale place in Golden Square Mile. Very expensive, but worth the experience.

Da Vinci is another longstanding place downtown that's on the upscale side, but I find they've been losing ground lately with the food.

Otherwise your list is solid.

Anything food worthy in and around Anjou ?

Nope :)

Near the Westin edge of Old Montreal

Here are some of our favorite Old Montreal joints: Barroco (Spanish), Beaver Hall (French), BEVO Bar + Pizzeria (Italian), Gibby's (Steakhouse), Helena (Portuguese), Osteria Venti (Italian).

First Time in Old Montreal

Here are a couple places we like that will serve you a late dinner in Old Montreal:

Barroco: trendy, intimate Spanish restaurant.
BEVO Bar + Pizzeria: happening pizzeria, touristy area (1st pic below: Saccense Pizza).
Mechant Boeuf: happening gastro-pub.

Weekend lunch is trickier because most places only serve brunch on weekends, but you can try Verses in Hotel Nelligan. They actually have a full lunch menu on the weekends.

Where can I get Sabra spicy hummus in Montreal?

Because it's opening very soon and will almost certainly still carry it...