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Tenoch: New Discovery, and Davis Sq. Update

Love that one too. Rotate between that and the Pastor.

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Lots of fun waiting on line with byob. Plus $1.85 for a fried haddock sammy with fish all over the plate!

Fantasy Question for Boston Old Timers

Oh man, one of my ALL time favorites!

Soft shell crabs

Mercato de Mare (North end Fish) on Salem Street has them.

Crush Pizza Boston

It's pretty good but doesn't travel well. Very few do.

Restaurant Week Winter 2015

Good list, however i would pass on the Living Room.

Best sandwiches in Boston?

Love that torts as well. Also love the Pastor torta.

North End: The Best

Prezza fits all of the criteria you mentioned. Great bar scene, great pasta and great steak as well. Lively crowd too.

Three nights in Charleston

It now appears that i will not be dining solo so, less concerned about bar dining although I still ejoy it.

have booked Husk one night and SNOB another. Will try for Fig once 28 days out.

Still interested in lunch and might switch to Husk lunch and a different dinner destination. Thanks for suggestions so far.

Jan 14, 2015
Northender in Southeast

Three nights in Charleston

Solo Boston diner will be in Charleston three nights in early March. I have booked Husk for one night. Looking for recs for the other two. I prefer dining at the bar if possible and price is not an issue. Thanks in advance!

Dec 17, 2014
Northender in Southeast

How do I replace Hamersley's as my "go to" special occasion restaurant? (Very detailed list of criteria inside!)

Well, another vote for Prezza in the North End. It is noisy, but dark enough and great food and wine.

If the suburbs are still OK with you, I have always loved Il Capriccio In Waltham. Dark and tie and jacket would not be out of place, not that it should matter. Also, free parking, great food, extensive wine list...

When you go to (town south of Boston), get the ( item or dish) at ( place)...

Anything at Hola in marshfield but especially the fried green beans and the flat breads

Best Italian restaurant - limited to Boston itself

Yes, how so? Bova's calim to fame is that they are open very late for the late night munchies and to absorb many Faneuil Hall beers but just not up to Modern Pastry standards imho.

North End Failure

I haven't been to Maurizio's in quite a while but I do know that the original chef owner, Maurizio, tragically passed away a year or two ago and he was almost always the cook in the kitchen so perhaps that caused a downhill trend. Sorry for your bad experience.

El Centro: Awful. Boston, terrible food city.

The new Tenoch in the North end is really terrific.

Boston dishes so rich, they will send you to the boneyard.

Mushroom soufflé at Il Capriccio; Ravioli with dropped egg at Prezza

Awesome burgers: new thread

JM Curley's had been my fave since I first tried it.

Tim Maslow Piece in Bostoon Mag just now

MC, i always respect and welcome your view but as a long time Prezza fan, I would note that while portions are large, you can get a half order on pastas and salads if you ask and if you dine with a companion, orders are easily and happily split. They also change their menu seasonally. Cataurano also has a commercial fishing licesne so on many occasions, he brings in fresh caught fish and makes a special preparation for the evening. I don't remember the early days so I have no frame of reference for your observation, but I am sure you are correct given what Cataurano himself has posted. The intereresting thing that makes Prezza such a welcome spot for regulars is the fact that making the customer happy seems to be job one for them. Of course at their price points, they certainly should.

Tim Maslow Piece in Bostoon Mag just now

Thoughtful post by Prezza's Chef/Owner Anthony Cataurano on Facebook today regarding the Boston Magazine article. He writes:

"Interesting article for those who have been following along. When I first opened Prezza I was trying to force certain dishes on people. I was definitely some what Ego driven and in need of a check. I was young, 26 actually. I ignored small individual complaints by customers and friends as well as sound advice. Then our second review came out by Mat Shaffer at the Herald, it was less than favorable. At first I was mad and then I realized he was right. It helped to change how and what we cooked from that day on and helped Prezza evolve to what it is today."

Tim Maslow Piece in Bostoon Mag just now

I agree that Richman is probably just trying to be his a$&%%e self and be noticed. But i also thought that Maslow was very measured in his response and don't think he fretted over the review as much as he just took a deep breath now that he was running two places instead of one. Perhaps it caused him to think over some things that heeventually would have thought about anyway. I doubt he is going to change his vision all that much and I am really looking forward to sampling his different menu options. If it weren't for CH I would never have known about him and I wouldn't have paid attention to Boston magazine article.

Tim Maslow Piece in Bostoon Mag just now

For all of the CH Strip T fans (I still haven't gotten there, but hope to soon).

17 year old birthday celebration

All good ideas

March 2014 Openings and Closings

Well this is probably a repeat of an earlier post, but I went there once many years ago and it was so bad I kicked myself several times for wasting time and money there; no tears from this part of th world.

James Beard Semifinalists

Well, haven't made it to Ribelle yet so in the meantime lots of love for Hammersly's for great dining and years of consistency. Gordon is almost always on the line, the servers are wonderful and of course that Red Sox hat is iconic (or ionic as the former Mayor might say).

Alden & Harlow

Yes, I live around the corner and always enjoyed the food there. Plus, Mike was very friendly and a huge baseball fan.

I must admit: I love the North End

Yours is a very good list imho. For another middle of the road place, I have had some good luck at Artu as well.

Sweet Cheeks Q... worth the trip to try it?

Oh yeah!

Help me decide where to cry about my advanced age.

In keeping with Madrid's sentiment, i remind myself from time to time of George Burns' response when asked how it felt to turn 90,: "It's not so bad when you consider the alternative". happy birthday and have a great dinner.

Fresh Fish in Boston

Mercato de Mare is a small shop but whatever fish they have is as fresh as possible. A couple of nights ago they brought in some Pacific black cod (sablefish?) which was outstanding. A kind of sustainable chilean sea bass without the guilt. They will also give you a recipe or two and generally do anything for you with the stock they have, plus they do a lot of cooking there for folks who are on the run and don't have time to cook. Two very nice gals who work as hard as anyone to make their customers happy. Of course it being in my neighborhood makes me somewhat biased but it is a fine fish merchant.

Chowhound red herrings

Went to HB just a few weeks ago, taking out of town friends. Had a great meal with no issues at all and this was on a Sunday night with Gordon not working the line so imho there is no change in quality at Hammersley's. Oh and service is consistently great too.