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Mount Stephen Club.

Thank you for your input, Alyson. We usually visit the Willows in the summer after a visit to Finnigan's Market which is a delightful morning's work and requires some nourishment afterwards!! The site is just beautiful, looking out onto the lake. I also like very much a restaurant on Main Street in the village opposite where La Cache was/is, further along from Clementine's. It has a terrace on the side. Don't know the name. We live on the South Shore ( 40-60 minutes away) so taking, inviting friends to Hudson is not always feasible. Something with a certain charm, elegant menu, more central which everyone can reach without any hassle is in order for this. We will check out Martin SLR's suggestions. Thank you. The Tour de Ville is not my favourite because of the vertigo effect. The food is good and it is a great suggestion for non-vertigo sufferers. We will enjoy checking out his other suggestions.

Mount Stephen Club.

We have been taking friends to the Mt. Stephen Club for Sunday brunch to celebrate birthdays etc., for many years. The last few years, it has been rather spotty one way or another. Last Sunday we invited friends there and afterwards, decided that is the last time. Main buffet lacked many dishes, some definitely not up to standard, very poor and restricted main dish selection of cod, lamb or beef, very slow and erratic service, a dearth of cheeses on the cheese board, etc. So now we are looking for ideas as to another charming and atmospheric place we can invite family and friends to celebrate special occasions. Suggestions, please? Thank you! Rosemary

Roasted Red Pepper–Feta Dip

Am definitely going to try this. Just up my street. Am also interested in cathodetube's idea with mint and creme fraiche. Am looking for recipes containing mint at the present time.

May 26, 2009
Rosemaryrl in Recipes

Red Lentil Pâté

Am looking for an alternative to meat pate which are not heavy on the fat so this one interests me. Do you think this can be frozen? Would love to have pate to hand and not have to run out and buy it?

Sep 26, 2007
Rosemaryrl in Recipes