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5 days in SF.

Good to know, thanks!

5 days in SF.

Looking to do multi course dinner so I'll stick with Perbacco.


5 days in SF.

I think I'm replacing Wayfare with Park Tavern . This place seems fun, food looks exciting.
Good pick, thanks!

5 days in SF.

OJ seems fun. A few cocktails and snacks maybe.

La Ciccia seems very good, but have only 5 dinners.

For me A16 and Pebacco seem more interesting than Incanto.

Always wanted to check out Tony's Pizza Napoletana too. I have a real weakness for buratta too.

5 days in SF.

Which do you prefer?

Is Wayfare Tavern worth it?

Thanks for the input.
Definitely going for the shellfish and Italian thing. I want to see some of the difference between similar style places.

5 days in SF.

Thanks. I was actually considering Barbacco as well, just a little unsure of the communal seating. I don't mind it at large tables, but don't want to share a 6 top with three others.
I have heard that Perbacco is fairly loud as well, which I like.

5 days in SF.

I think I may check out Aziza.

5 days in SF.

I'll look into these place.

5 days in SF.


5 days in SF.

Sounds good to me. Thanks for the input.

5 days in SF.

I think Wayfare is off the list. I'm sure it's fine, but it seems as though it could be in any North American city. Tadich and Swan are defintely "old school" SF restaurants.
No reservations at either and Swan is a daytime spot I believe?
What time is wise to try Swan (Mon-Wed)?
Tadich dinner on a Mon 2 people?

5 days in SF.

Yeah kinda my thoughts about Wayfare.....and yes I can find similar style things around here. Just seems too safe I guess is how I would put it. I have read a lot of good things about Aziza and it would add some diversity to our trip. Just want food that truly represents SF/California style food.

Thanks for the input about Sotto Mare. You're right, Perbacco and A16 should take care of my pasta fix.

5 days in SF.

Good info, Thanks.

I'm thinking of just doing Hog Island....just easier for a visitor especially considering it is in The Ferry Building which I am hitting on a Tues. Maybe have some oysters and then hit Slanted door for a couple of dishes.

I was thinking of Anchor and Hope for a pre/post Giants game pint and some snacks (on a Sunday). Are there better places near AT&T Field?

Sotto Mare was for ciopinno and maybe a seafood pasta (2 of us). I am a big fan of Italian food, I could spend a week in SF just focusing on that alone.....so many good options.

I like the idea of hitting a few different Mexican places too thanks for that idea.

The one reservation for me in question is Wayfare. I am not totally sold on it for some reason and don't really want to waste any bites in SF! Any thoughts or other recommendations?
Boulevard instead???

Is Wayfare Tavern worth it?

I am coming from Alberta for five days. I have some places that I am set on. I have areservation at Wayfare but am wondering if it is truly worth it?

Other places I am going to:


Slanted Door

Hog Island



Anchor and Hope

Pizzeria Delfina

Sotto Mare

La Tacqueria

5 days in SF.

Will check it out

5 days in SF.

Thanks for the Mexican pick.

Was thinking of Swan Oyster Bar more for the local vibe.....not looking for the tourist style places. Bang for the buck Hog Island or Swan?
And yes I am from the land locked area of Canada (Alberta) so a shellfish binge is not a bad thing for a few days.

5 days in SF.

I am traveling to San Francisco at the beginning of June for 5 days with a friend. Two guys from Canada looking for some good eats.
So far this is what I have for dinner and or lunch ideas...any thoughts?

A16- dinner

Anchor and Hope - before or after Giants game?

Wayfare Tavern? (alittle unsure of this one)

Slanted Door - lunch

Perbacco- dinner

Pizzareia Delfina - late Lunch

Zuni Cafe - dinner (roasted chicken?)

Hog Island- oysters/champagne and grilled cheese.

Other thoughts are: Sotto Mare for lunch?
Swan Oyster Bar or Tadich Grill for the old school thing?

Any ideas for good authentic Mexican food?

Thanks for any input.