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Party Foods: Which ones are you weary of seeing?

For a European perspective: If I never go to another party with mini cocktail wieners; olives of any kind; cubes of cheese; deviled eggs; pate with cornichons; tuna with mayonnaise smeared on little toasts; or chips, I'll be a happy woman. I get that not everyone cooks, but is it so bloody hard to buy good party snacks somewhere??? No, it isn't, especially in Belgium where I live where every restaurant will sell you what they've got for "importer" (take out), and there are a zillion fancy food supply stores within a stone's throw anywhere.

For my parties Food & Wine is my go-to place for great recipes for party snacks. There's a million on their website on my "to do" list, but I usually make red pepper gougères from Food & Wine, pâte feuilletée pinwheels (with parma ham, basil and gruyere), little cups of either chestnut soup (winter) or corn soup (summer), also from Food & Wine; and for cold appetizers, I'll buy pork or rabbit rillettes, little gray shrimps in endive cups or just buy foie gras and a great baguette and be done with it. I'm still waiting to unleash the whole "slider" phenomenon on my Belgian friends, they would love little burgers.

Jul 06, 2012
LaMaisonSacre in General Topics

Pernod - how to serve and in what??

OMG hilarious Pastis quote...and so, so true. Pastis is one of those things that sneak up on you: with the water and ice, it doesn't seem like you're drinking that much or as if it's strong, then all of a sudden you're seriously drunk.

Pernod is great with mussels: just make moules vin blanc like you would normally but substitute a splash of Pernod instead.

Jul 06, 2012
LaMaisonSacre in Spirits

Looking for "Mario Eats Italy" episodes

Does anyone know where I can get these on DVD? I searched the obvious places like Amazon and the Food Network as well as youtube, but it appears they're not for sale at least in the UK. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!