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Butcher in Atlanta

Heritage Farms at St Philips on a Saturday at the Peachtree Rd. Farmers Market.. You need to look them up first then contact to place your order then pick it up at the Farmers Market! Goat, Lamb, Duck, Chicken and Pork....pasture raised...other stuff but I dont recall everything. Keep in mind they have to kill n dress then deliver to meat processor then pick up so give plenty of time when ordering.... Eggs are great but sell out in first 10 minutes...beef guy is right next to his stand

Jul 26, 2012
mjn123 in Atlanta

Servers' familiar behaviour

Manager failed!

The familiarity in the owner or hostess and/or chef is an art and if it is done well, brings a whole new spin on an evening out. The server would be fired or sent home for crouching down in fine dining. If it is the artisan ...well old world, new-world and down home all have to be taken in context. Sex and life stories have little to do with listening and predicting what the guest might need before they noticed they needed it. To be seen and not reach for it...and it appears...are to be found in the perfection of a craft. No one wants to be reduced to a common ground…unless that is the theme of the house.
How can you sell fine wine or establish common ground if your discussing the trash in your life? Excuse me Sir…would you like to try this excellent vintage..only 200 cases ever produced…after you spoke of screwing your GF on the deck chair at the Ramada Inn?

Jul 25, 2012
mjn123 in Not About Food