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Mom's 60th Birthday!

Any recommendations (anywhere in the Bay) for dinner for a group of ~14+? Perhaps something that would appeal to Asian tastes (small plates/larger variety of dishes, Peruvian, Asian Fusion, etc) although this is flexible depending on how awesome the food is.

Decor would be important - ideally would like a semi-private/private room that is pretty. Looking to spend less than $50 per person on food before tax/gratuity.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks :)

Jan 09, 2014
elwang in San Francisco Bay Area

Appetizers / Cash Bar Reception for 50 on a Budget

Hi everyone!

I am having a major dilemma here...not familiar with restaurants in Las Vegas and I am trying to plan a reception for a group of ~30-50 people, preferably in a semi-private area with pass around appetizers and a cash bar available for about $1000. Is this even possible in Vegas?

Our conference is also taking place at Mandalay Bay, so somewhere on that end of the Strip would be great. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Oct 16, 2012
elwang in Las Vegas

Graduation Lunch

Thanks so much Beach Chick for all the recs! They're gonna pick up the 16 people from Bali Hai and drop-off at Coronado - I'm excited! I think 2 hours on the Bay wouldn't be that exciting...or maybe just because I've had to take way too many people on the SDHE Harbor Cruise :P

I'll definitely report back :) Thanks everyone!

May 07, 2012
elwang in San Diego

Graduation Lunch

Haha okay new dilemma! Thanks to Beach Chick for the recommendation on the water taxi, I'm thinking about taking the taxi from Bali Hai after lunch to Coronado...however, this probably means I'm gonna need to take everyone to eat somewhere since we'll be getting there around 5PM and after bumming around together for a few'll be time to eat again! But I'd really like something really low key, quick and easy but also some place good to bring everyone to...not too picky about location, although Coronado might be nice/easier. Any suggestions??

Thanks again!! :D You guys rock!

May 04, 2012
elwang in San Diego

Graduation Lunch

Thanks everyone for the recommendations!!

I ended up going with Bali Hai since I also have some older Asian tastes to accommodate and I think they would like the Hawaiian/Asian-influenced foods :)

I am thinking about doing a brunch on Sunday possibly one of these other places??

May 03, 2012
elwang in San Diego

Graduation Lunch

Thanks! This looks good :) Doesn't have to be a foodie place, but just trying to think of anything that my guests would enjoy (mix of em...some foodies, some oldies who just wanna eat).

Apr 27, 2012
elwang in San Diego

Graduation Lunch

Hi everyone! Newbie here...but been a longtime lurker. Would love to get some advice from the experts :]

I'm trying to decide on a graduation restaurant on a Saturday for a group of 16. I'd like to spend ~$30 pp and am wondering what the best options are since Saturday lunch is not as common. At that budget I am thinking I'm either going to end up with good view but mediocre food, or good food and mediocre ambiance. I love a lot of Sunday brunch menus, but a lot of places don't offer them on Saturday!

Potentially thinking about Prado pre-set menu (summer menu still hasn't come out yet), Brockton without a pre-set menu, Jake's Del Mar...tried calling some other places (JSix, Pacifica, etc) but they all had some restrictions that I couldn't work with.

I'd really love to try Cucina Urbana or Searsucker but they're not open for lunch or brunch on Saturdays.

Thanks in advanced!

Apr 27, 2012
elwang in San Diego