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Soft shell crabs?

I was in Central Mkt Plano a few days ago at the seafood counter. They usually have previously frozen large-jumbo sized for around $6 each for cooking at home (saute with brown butter and a touch of cayenne).
I was also told that they were getting fresh large-jumbo sized (whatever happened to whale sized soft shell crabs?) selling at $10-12 each.

"12 Bagels" Frankford and Tollway

I'm an born and raised Brooklynite. I agree with the definition of a NY bagel as crusty exterior with a dense yet soft doughy interior. I got to speaking with the manager of the place who said when he opened the native Texans complained that the bagels (which are boiled before baking to make a great crust) were too crusty. He also got complaints that the interior wasn't light enought dough. So he reduced the boil time to reduce the crusty exterior. These aren't true NY bagels, after all Texas water isn't the same as the great NY City water used in making the dough (even though these seem to be premade frozen elsewhere, defrosted and boilded bafore baking).
In ay case they're more like Einsteins but a little more doughy. I found the texture variable between bagel types and days purchased.
I was told that our N Dallas location is a branch of the NYCity operation. If I lived in NYCity right now I wouldn't purchase their bagels, sorry not my style. Outer crust isn't crusty enough, the interior isn't doughy enough.

Visiting Plano (from NYC), recommendations please (Researched)!!

I haven't found Q worth eating in Plano or Dallas which is not too far from Preston and Parker (I live @ Parker and Custer). I drive to North Main BBQ in Euless which is an easy 20 min drive each was on the tollroads (basically on the southwest side of DFW airport). Their AYCE Q for $15 is a bargain worth the drive. The issue however is that they're ONLY open FRI, SAT, SUN. Their brisket (ask for the top vs. flat), pork ribs and fresh cole slaw are great.

If you're too cheap to pay the tolls or drive the distance try Randy White's BBQ in Frisco. Their AYCE Q is $18 and closer in distance to your location. Frisco is the next town north of Plano.

I agree with Pecan Lodge and Snows but with only 3 days you'd have to devote too much time to driving (Snow's is only open Sat morning 8am until sellout which usually occurs at

If you want to do a day trip from Plano drive to the Austin hill country area Q places like Kreuz Market et al. It's about 5hrs each way from your Plano location. If you start early you can get there for lunch, do 3 of the best Q places in TX and be back in Plano by 9-10pm.

You didn't ask for pizza (I'm an ex-NYer) but Chicago's Finest Pizza @ Spring Creek and Independence is the best Chicago style pizza in all Dallas just a short distance from your location (takeout only).

While you're here don't forget to visit Central Market, the Texas version of Whole Foods. It's located at 320 Coit Rd on the Dallas/Plano border east of your location. If you're lazy there's a WF @ Preston and Park just down the street from you.

You're too early but across the street from WF will be opening a Trader Joe's later this year.

For the best homemade ice cream in Dallas go to Henry's on Independence and Parker Rd just a short distance from your location.

In the same shopping center as Henry's is North China Restaurant specializing in northern chinese cuisine and pastrys (steamed buns). As an ex-NYer I love chinese food and North China's cooks make some great stuff (but you didn't come to TX for chinese

I agree with a trip to Babes. There's one in Richardson the closest to your location for much better than average fried chicken.

Plano - BBQ and Mexican recs

IF you and your group are available on Sunday in Plano then I'd suggest Blue Mesa for their Sunday Brunch Buffet which usually has great brisket on the carving board plus many mexican favorites on the buffet. The buffet is served between 10a-2pm and gets very crowded so call ahead for reservations.
For a weeknight I'd go to Abuelo's for mexican and Shady Oak for Q. Both not foodie quality but mid-priced and tasty. Both have colorful interiors. Warning if you call ahead and reserve a separate room Abuelo's wins with their wall paintings. The Shady Oak main room looks like a hunting lodge but their side room is plain. You won't go wrong with the food at either place.

Grimaldi's - Dallas

good post

Dec 18, 2007
dickybilly in Texas

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

thanks for the Palm info, I had already seen this but rejected it because eating one 4 lb lobster isn't the same as continuously eating 1-2lb-ers ...

Daddy Jacks does not offer a lobster AYCE special and suggests that its not done anywhere...

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

Exactly correct and that's what I've done, ie, gone alone and hovered over the

BTW, I've been told that Beijing Restaurant/Buffet in Frisco has lobster on their dinner buffet..chopped up and sauteed with onions and greens.... $10.99 pp

I'm still looking for AYCE Whole Lobster, buffet or waiter service, within 100 miles of Dallas, each person gets as many individual lobsters as they can eat for the money...I care not if the lobsters are 1lb-ers or culls of larger size...

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

the last time I was at Best Buffet they were serving huge lobsters chopped up into pieces, not the little prawn-mudbug-type... the replenishment was so slow that there was never enough lobster served to call this place AYCE....

I forgot to mention that 8 of us will be going to the AYCE lobster restaurant so there's got to be enough lobster to go around for all of

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

At one time there were several restaurants offering ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER, for example, Trulucks, Pappedeux, Todai....Serving styles were either waiter service replenishing lobsters as needed or buffet style split 1lb-ers broiled

now there seem to be no restaurants offering AYCE lobster for a price...
does anyone know of any restaurants within 50 miles of the Richardson-Plano area ????
if the price is right I may be willing to drive 100 miles each way....

Le Creuset "Doufeu"

I should have thought that Quebec province in Canada might have doufeu's in stock imported from France....

thanks for reminding me...but I'll wait for summer before considering a trip

Dec 01, 2006
dickybilly in Cookware

Le Creuset "Doufeu"

My doufeu came directly from France (years ago) and is marked Cousances which is a LeCreuset company in France. The underside of the lid is dimpled.

My doufeu is heavier than its dutch oven counterpart and is matte black finished not smooth enameled. Its more like a Lodge black cast iron pot peranently seasoned.

I haven't been able to find this type of finish available in the USA. It doesn't seem to be imported. I have seen it online from websites in France but cost in euros with shipping of heavy cast iron makes it cost prohibitive for me to

Nov 30, 2006
dickybilly in Cookware

Le Creuset "Doufeu"

I've been using a cast iron doufeu to braise for over 15yrs... it works so well that I've refused to get any other type of Le Creuset cast iron pot design. Beef, chicken, any meat works well. You might try using less liquid in your recipes because with cold water or ice in the top its a sealed environment of self basting.

My local LeC Factory Outlet Store sells the 7.2 qt size for $191 plus tax. There is a smaller size too. The doufeu style isn't discontinued, only some of the colors are discontinued.

Don't be afraid of the pot's design. Once you use it you'll be hooked forever.

Nov 28, 2006
dickybilly in Cookware

[DFW] North Main BBQ, Lee's BBQ, Carter's, Walker's

Just came from N Main:
there were 2 types of ribs available... spare ribs and what seemed like meaty baby back ribs (curved bones) ... which are the humpbacks and which are the sauce and toss ???

price/value at $12 AYCE incl iced tea is a world class bargain

Jun 26, 2006
dickybilly in Texas