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Neighbourhood of Astral (corner St.Urbain & St., Catherine St)

nice and good restaurant for tonight in the neighbourhood if possible walking distance of Astral (corner St-Urbain and Ste.Catherine) . I know on Jeanne Mance St. there is Brasserie T and Bar F but otherwise is Grenadine an option Bouillon Bilk is further and now it will be raining toninght. Thank you for your suggestions

Nice terrasse with excellent food in Montreal

Il Cortile has one of the most beautiful terrasse when they play classical music you don't think you are in Montreal but one of their problem is that waiters don't like their job and maybe that the "chef" or owner of the place are not interested to have "pleased clients". Could the Accord terrasse be as nice I have never been there

Nice terrasse with excellent food in Montreal

I have not been to Il Cortile for at least 3 or 4 years so I was wondering if it was the same. From what you say it is still nice. I was at Foodlab in winter and what I remember Réservoir is very small, Many have the same opinion about Icehouse "overrated". Thanks for comments. It helps.

Nice terrasse with excellent food in Montreal

Very often the food is not as good as the view. Il Cortile has a nice terrase but many say the food is so and so the same apply to Accords in Old Montreal.. I like the one L'Autre Version, St-Paul St. in Old Montreal How is food Nelligan hotel. The terrasse looks great.
How is the Ritz with ducks ? still good and nice ?

Anyone has ever been to Barbounya ?

I was very disappointed with the service, the price, and foods.

Caneles in Montreal?

I have tried them at KemCoBa , 60 Fairmount W. and they are very good you can find some very good pastries and home made ice creams. Both owners (one is as pastry chef ) they are on the premises all the time and they let you taste before buying.

terrasse in montreal with nice view and good food for next saturday

Thank you "SweettoothMTL" I agree with everything you have written and thanks for info regarding Hotel Place-d'Armes.
Either good view ordinary food or good food but ordinary view and no terrasse. I think Il Cortile on Sherbrooke St. West replies for the terrasse you dont have the impression of being in Montreal but being in Italy when I went they even had classical music but the bill is $$$

terrasse in montreal with nice view and good food for next saturday

How about the music on Terrace Place d'Armes I've been told the music is very loud ? Yes Leméac would be good. Chez Léveque your are almost on the street. I was looking for something like Il Cortile on Sherbrooke W. where you think you are in Italy not in Montreal. Thank you all for replies.

terrasse in montreal with nice view and good food for next saturday

Please help,. I tried Autre Version no place they have a wedding.

anyone been to Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant, in Boucherville

3 good critics, Le Devoir, Voir, and Thiery Deraize they all said it was good ?

Brunch on the SouthShore of Montreal

Celebration of 35yrs Wedding anniversary