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Ethnic food AND cocktails - an impossible dream?

Help! I know where to get tasty ethnic food in the Central/Harvard area and I know where to get good cocktails, but I don't know restaurants that serve both! Are there good Thai, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese, etc spots with cocktail programs?

My friend and I want to go out for a fun night of yummy food and drinks in the area and I need your help picking a good choice.

Aug 08, 2012
hanchie3 in Greater Boston Area

Sushi near Kenmore for a hungry office!

My office was hoping to get sushi delivered tomorrow for lunch and we were hoping someone might suggestions for a good place near Fenway. Our first thoughts were Umi or Ginza but I have have heard mixed reviews about both. Anyone have great or terrible experiences at them? What would you recommend?

We all thank you!!


Nov 29, 2007
hanchie3 in Greater Boston Area

College tour of Boston

If you own a coffee roasting company (so cool!) you will especially appreciate Simon's Coffee Shop...they pull the best shots in Boston and Cambridge.

Sep 25, 2007
hanchie3 in Greater Boston Area

College tour of Boston

I have to disagree that Diesel is great coffee-good but not great. The only place I know of to get a truly outstanding coffee is Simon's Coffee Shop on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter Square. They use George Howell beans (he is considered to be one of the finest 3 roasters in the country).

Sep 24, 2007
hanchie3 in Greater Boston Area