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Cooking Club of America

I also got taken in by this company, who I believe are unethical and their sales tactics are reprehensible. I only wanted the magazine, so I paid my $12. I never got an issue, so I complained and got one back issue. Months passed, no magazine, I complained. Got another issue, then a third. Then nothing. I complained and I got a few cheaply made kitchen items and several cookbooks that they wanted me to pay for, I returned them. I finally called customer service, waited on hold for 37 minutes, and told the representative I wanted my magazines or my money back. They sent me three more magazines, all three were the copies I already had. So, for my $12 i got duplicate copies of 3 issues and a lot of junk I didn't want and didn't order. They're still sending me "invoices" for a life membership, and I cancelled three years ago. They also had my Dad in their Handyman's Club. Yeah, he sent the money for the life membership. Dad died 4 years ago, and they were still sending useless junk and bills, in spite of my numerous phone calls and emails telling them of his death. Finally I sent a copy of his death certificate and a nice note saying I'd consider all further items gifts and they could just try to collect from a dead man. DO NOT join this.

Apr 24, 2012
Annie1992 in Not About Food