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Any Philly Cheesesteak's in SEA worth trying?

So true. I've made better cheesesteaks at home with Steak-um then Philly Fevere, plus the service is terrible, it will take you less time to goto the grocery store buy everything you need, make it, clean up and do your taxes then it will take to actually get your... I can't even call it a cheesesteak. I grew up in PA and I tell everyone who will listen to go to Tat's. He imports a lot of the ingrediants from back east and the owner is Philly guy, which is probably why he knew he had to get the bread right. New location is more comfortable and has more seating. Also try the Tatstrami it's awesome, I havn't ventured out much more then that because the cheese steaks are so good, my wife likes the Italian it's just OK imo.

Aug 04, 2010
crazyleg410 in Greater Seattle

Breakfast in Seattle/Bellevue

Macrina Bakery serves breakfast on the weekends, be prepared to wait for a seat but once you are seated the service is pretty quick and the food is awesome.
Peso's in Queen Ann is also amazing if you like Huevos Rancheros and several different styles of Benedict including crab, I recommend the shrimp and grits.
Cyclops also has a great breakfast right across the street from Macrina and where I often end up if I can't tolerate the wait at Macrina.
All three places have great coffee and Peso's has plenty of Bloody Marys and Mimosas if you're up for a little hair of the dog.

Nov 19, 2007
crazyleg410 in Pacific Northwest

Is Rover's that good? And Herbfarm too...

Cascadia is terrible

Oct 19, 2007
crazyleg410 in Pacific Northwest

Special Request in Seattle - Queen Anne

Steelhead Diner in Pike's Place is my new favorite restaurant, they get all their ingrediants from the market, they have a very ecelctic menu and it is in walking distance of your hotel.

P.S. in Seattle order your salmon medium rare!!!

Oct 04, 2007
crazyleg410 in Pacific Northwest