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2014 Restaurant and Food Store CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Paul and Sandy's on Dundas in Etobicoke closes Nov 22 -- leasing issue. It was quite good but sometimes the service was off. Hopefully they can find a new spot.

Toronto's worst dives

Any current dive recs?

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

Top of the Mall, Don Mills Centre.

Folia Grill: pork gyros is not your typical gyros...its ridiculously amazing

I'm not a big pita / gyro guy but Folia made me a convert. Hope that ownership change doesn't hurt quality that much.

Best turkey dinner?

It might be a bit pedestrian but I was at Highland Farms the other day, Mississauga location, and they were advertising their Xmas turkey dinner catering deal. You might want to check it out.

Their Scarborough, number is 416 298 1999.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Yeah, it is a loss. Sure, maybe it wasn't the greatest diner fare you ever ate, but I always loved the old school (pardon the pun) feel to the place and the woman who waited the tables was always very nice.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Collegiate Lunch....about 6 weeks ago. It's now a sushi spot.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Alternative Grounds on Roncy....

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Wasn't aware of the change of ownership. Their food was pretty good when it opened up. Nice washrooms too.

Green Eggplant closed on Eglinton

The food there is definitely not "lousy". The pub fare there easily rivals anything you'll find in north Toronto.

Highland Farms

In the event that any of the Coppa owned stores don't honour the HF flyer, see below:

On behalf of the Coppa family I would like to apologize for any inconvenience you experienced at our store.
Our Bennett Rd, Dufferin Street and Rutherford Road locations should be honouring flyers from the other two locations. I'm not sure what happened but the stores should be honouring the flyers. If you could let me know which store you were shopping at on which day and perhaps who you were dealing with it would be a great help. I would like to look into it and make sure that it does not happen again.
I would also like to match any product that you purchased that was in the Highland Farms flyer. Please let me know which products they were and we will make arrangements with you to honour the pricing.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know about the problem you encountered. It is through this kind of communication with our loyal customers that help us to continue to strive for the best customer service possible.


Highland Farms

Thanks to all the intel from CHers, I'm clear on all of this, but it would be nice if the owners of both factions got to together and communicated these changes to their client base, especially the part about the split-off stores not honouring HF flyers.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Fair points, Googs, but the closure of a budget-type grocery store in a neighborhood facing a lot economic challenges has to smart a little.

Good Restaurants in Mississauga/T.O

Speaking of pizza in Streetsville, there is a Goodfella's pizza place that has been in the works for ages now. It will be housed where the old Bistro Chezanne was, right at the corner of Queen and Main. I passed by last week and it looked like they are in the final stages of renovations. I think it's a chain, Has anyone tried pizza from their other locations?

Ben & Izzy's

I was there last week and I fully agree with you regarding the convoluted menu system. There's the standard menu, which has two size sandwiches, and then there's the customer-crafted menu listing funny named sandwiches that customers created. For example, there's one called "Clear the Track", which Eddie Shack created. I don't recall its contents. These customer-created sandwiches come in half pound and one pound versions; a few of the one pound sandwiches right around $20 without fries but with a pickle. Was there a third menu on the table too? I think you're correct, but I forget what it listed. Do you remember?

I had the corned beef and it was very good. I also appreciated the fact that the servers were asking each guest if they wanted their meat "lean, medium or fatty." I opted for lean and it was plenty juicy. They also also serve sweet potato fries, which I ordered, but I don't think they go so well with that kind of sandwich.

I went there looking for the Fresser's Delight, something I always ordered when the old owners ran the place, but it was not on the menu and I wasn't going to shell out $20 for their 1 lb sandwich.

The place was doing a pretty good take-out business but the eat-in was pretty dead.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Ignore above. They are simply renovating. They are re-opening in 10 days.

2013 Food and Restaurant CHANGES and CLOSINGS

Noticed the Fox and Firkin on the south side of Eg, just east of Yonge was all papered up. Probably not a big loss, but has this been closed for long? Seemed like it has been there forever.

Mississauga Gastropubs

It's not a classic pub setting, but Union Social at 401 and Mississauga Road. More of a bistro, but perhaps the closest thing in Mississauga as far as a gastro pub goes. Their menu goes above the standard pub fare.

Sweet Smoke in Oakville

Thanks for the info. Yup, I agree, Sweet Smoke was very good. Wish I could have visited more often.

Banh Mi Boys

Newbie question: I've never had a banh mi sub from anywhere. Is mayo considered a default topping? They don't butter on them, do they?

Sweet Smoke in Oakville

Isn't there another BBQ place in Oakville called "The Big Smoke"? How does it compare?

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

I agree. I tried it once and loved it. If a place as good as that struggles to survive, who can?

Dodgiest looking restaurant you've been to but turned out to be a winner (or least better than expected)

And some of the best Jamaican patties you'll find anywhere. I love how the pastry is super soft.

Hero Certified Burgers....What the $^%#!!!!!

I gave Hero another shot last week at a new location that popped up at the East York Town Centre. I never had quite the hate that others had for it; my first visit many years ago at the Yonge and St Clair location went pretty well. But last week's burger was awful. I took 15 minutes for burger to be cooked but it was still barely lukewarm inside. Fries were decent, but the burger was downright bad. Never again, Hero. Give me Five Guys anyday.

Buffalo Wild Wings

It's a good thing! I love their restaurant at Winston Churchill and Argentia. The sports bar half of the joint is great for watching the game and the wings are excellent. .65 wing specials two nights of the week. Order any size in any denomination you like and you get to bring the leftovers home (a lot of places don't let you do that on wing special nights). The boneless wings are great too. A lot of interesting sauces too; a lot choices but nothing silly. Easily the best spot for wings in Mississauga, IMHO. It blows away Wild Wing --- not even close!

The Great Canadian BBQ Joint (Mississauga)

Will try it some time this week and report back. The place opened pretty quickly; like 24 hours after I first posted.

House of Chan Affected by Subway Plans

Any update on the closure / relocation? An updated story in the Star, states the expropriation won't take place until 2015. I drove by it today and there's a sign in the window of the door that says "Closed" along with some other info that I couldn't make out.


Most Overrated Restaurant in Toronto

Why the hate for BM? It's a got a very solid beer list (obviously) and the food served is very good albeit not very creative. I always thought it got the job done for a night out.

The Great Canadian BBQ Joint (Mississauga)

A bit bizarre, yeah, considering it will be among a sea of Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, and Middle Eastern eating establishments. But Cooksville residents like myself could really use a change like this.

Good Breakfast places in Mississauga

Another very good spot is Marish's Boulangerie in Port Credit, north side of Lakeshore W. Not only is it a very good bakery, but they do full sit down breakfast as well. I've had the Eggs Benny there. Very good! And the second best part -the place is never busy on weekend.