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Mother's Day Brunch?

All great suggestions, thank you. Have a reservation in at Serpentine for now, will also check out scarmoza's options. Should have mentioned, party of 5 for us...

Mother's Day Brunch?

Family from Maine is meeting in San Francisco for the second year in a row, for Mother's Day. Last year we went to Foreign Cinema and loved it -- great food, fun atmosphere, and maybe most importantly, we could make reservations in advanced and avoided the obnoxious wait-two-hours-for-brunch game.

Wondering what other spots people recommend for Mother's Day this year along these same lines? Entrees up to $35/so is fine (I believe last year FC had a special Mother's Day menu that was a bit pricier than normal, but still acceptable for our budget). Any neighborhood in San Francisco proper -- we're staying in Telegraph Hill but will have a car. Thanks for the help!