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CHOW Ginger Beer

Nice! Thanks. A natural bug is important to achieve the best possible flavor and also the medicinal qualities of any natural fermented product. Most ferments are best made in warm to mildly warm seasons- this will vary depending on where you live and the climate. When the weather is very hot, natural ferments can get sharp quickly and in very cold weather they can take too long, perhaps get a moldy taste. Remember that most beer and wine were made the middle or end of Summer after the harvest of hops, grapes or berries, then it was fermented during the fall. The flavor would deepen or be enhanced with age and proper storage. Nowadays people want everything instant and do not care about natural aging or fermentation processes- yeast or heat treatment are a cop out from making something from its natural state which will be better for your health overall when made correctly. I can assure you that a naturally fermented beer is going to be better for you and taste better than a heat treated beer made with lab made yeast (I guess if you are used to cheap quality than it will not matter).

Apr 23, 2012
DogwoodGirl in Recipes