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for 100$ pp

My family is coming up the end of May to visit. What would be a good bet for around $400? We are adventurous eaters and are considering Mado. We went to North Pond a few years ago and were thoroughly impressed. Thanks

North Pond
2610 North Cannon Drive, Chicago, IL 60614

Mado Restaurant
1647 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Apr 29, 2010
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Two Nights in Memphis - seeking suggestions

Sounds awesome. It's been awhile since I've been to Memphis, but I have been several times. It's all about the BBQ.... I never miss The Cozy Corner (Rib Tips, BBQ spaghetti, Sweet potato pie) or the BBQ shop (pitchers and ribs). Many swear by Gus's fried chx, I've never been.

Lakeview suggestions?

Hi, Im in town for a few days and staying in Lakeview. I am looking for great things within walking distance. Especially bakeries, grocers, and cheap ethnic snacks. Any ideas?

Aug 10, 2009
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Asian grocer near Andersonville

Hi, gonna be in town for a few days and want to pick up some hard to find ingredients for Asian fare. Need some recs for grocers in or near the Andersonville area. Thanks!

Mar 19, 2009
dancingpig in Chicago Area

great stuff in or near Andersonville

My mom will be in Chi. next week, staying in Andersonville with my sister, and I am looking for some stuff that she should check out that is fairly close.
So far: I have plans for her to eat at Blackbird, which isnt close but does anyone have an opinion?
also, looking for a good place to eat at before going to the Oriental. I have checked the posts of restaurants near the theatre, most seem expensive due to location...
so what would be good in Andersonville,? It should be cheap and exciting....
the Sunshine Cafe seems like a good choice.
Also....any opinions regarding great Chinese near Andersonville?
Anything else that's nearby?

Jan 15, 2009
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Lunch in Pilson

Don Pablo's Carnita's. I visited a couple weeks ago, it was a good as anything could possibly be. However, its not for the faint of heart, and I would not be real productive after a lunch there. I can't wait to go back!

Jan 12, 2009
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Andersonville cheap lunch

Happy holidays! Lookin for a spot for lunch here in Andersonvllle..... we are not picky, but wold like to it keep very reasonable. We are kind of in the mood for hand cut fries. Any help?

Dec 30, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

post concert, Chicago Theatre, sat nite

Happy holidays to all the hounds! I'll be in chicago on 12/28 for an event at the Chi. Theatre. Are their any recs for post concert food and drinks? We're open to most anything, seems like a good time for some kind of ethnic experience.

Dec 25, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Daytona, NSB - ISO NY style pizza

Ive been here for 6 months and havent found anything. All of the pizza Ive had has been sub par. However, I think that the best place to look would be the small delivery joints.... it seems like genuinely good food has a hard time surviving around here. One place that I do like is the CityLine in Edgewater, they only have 18" pies and slices. I hope they do well. Good luck andplease keep me updated

Nov 25, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

How do you brine chicken?

I use TK's brine, its in the Bouchon book. It is more involved than most, Here it is:
1 gal water, 1 c salt, 1/4 c honey, 12 bay leaves, 1/2 c garlic (smashed), 2 T pep corns,
1/2 oz rosemary, 1/2 oz thyme, 2 oz it. parsley, zest and juice of 2 large lemons.
combine, bring to boil, boil 1 minute stirring to dissolve salt, cool, bring to fridge temp before adding chx. It really need to be made a day before.

Nov 15, 2008
dancingpig in Home Cooking

Country pate recipe with rabbit?

Check out the rabbit pate recipe in "Bouchon", by Thomas Keller. I made it last x-mas and it was excellent........ everything in the book is excellent.

Nov 15, 2008
dancingpig in Home Cooking

New Smyrna Beach Restaurants

yeah, ditto for all the restaurants on that strip

Oct 09, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

retail beer in Winter Park?

thanks for the help, I went to Total wine. They do have a large selection of the expected micro's and I got many things that do not exist here in New Smyrna. I would have expected better prices though...considering the purchasing power they must have? I spent $14 for a sixer of Stoudts double IPA which is a great beer... but that is at last three bucks more that what I would have paid at a smaller store back in Maryland. thanks again for the recs

Oct 07, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

retail beer in Winter Park?

So... I'm unfamiliar with the area and looking for the best beer selection in or near Winter Park. As far as that there a better place somewhere else in the greater Orlando area? This is for retail purchase, and only american micro's.

Oct 01, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

near the House of Blues in Orlando?

any recommendations on pre concert activities near HOB in orlando? Preferably one that includes a large beer selection.

Aug 25, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

ISO bulk loose leaf tea

ISO of the above in the Lincoln Square, Andersonville, Ravenswood area. Any ideas?

Aug 25, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Cuban coffee joints in Orlando?

Sounds very promising! Does anyone know of any other options?

Aug 20, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

Visiting from KC - any BBQ worth trying?

man...I would seriously consider the ethnic options available in Chi. Especially Mexican... it sounds really good right now. you may have to cab it.. but the food is cheap. Check this out...... the Bayless article has me in the mood for Mex.

Aug 20, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

Cuban coffee joints in Orlando?

Lookin for a place post airport for cuban coffee and pastries. The more authentic the better, also... Is there a Cuban "area" in Orlando?

Aug 19, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

New Smyrna Beach Restaurants were bummed that there wasn't a Red Zinfandel?

Aug 18, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

weekday farmers markets?

Thanks for the replys. So does anyone have any extra special super fantastic items they get at the Green City Market? I'm thinking about a few other things I might have my sister pick up.

Aug 15, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

weekday farmers markets?

So I live in Florida, where the vegetables totally stink right now. My sister is flying down in a couple weeks and I'm wonderin if there are any farmers markets downtown during the week? Mostly interested in heirloom tomatoes....any ideas?

Aug 11, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area

New Smyrna Beach restaurants

Being a new resident from a large city.... I have had a really rough time finding anything good to say about eating out in NSB. Theirs really only one place I would recommend and that's the Spanish River Grill. Otherwise its all frozen steaks, fried seafood, and bad pasta. In this category I would warily try out JB's, Breakers, Flagler Tavern, it really doesn't matter its all the same food service nonsense. However a few places that I have went more than once:
Ruthie's- its on canal across us-1, for breakfast..this place is the real deal central florida..the food is average but the people are great.
Lil Neals-absolutely authentic southern style bbq, get the ribs and fried okra for sure, skip the pulled pork.
Check the other boards, their are a lot of rec's, I've tried most of them and almost all of them will never see me again. But hey, everything else about NSB is awesome....well most everything else. Im hard to please.

Aug 06, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

really good grocery stores

I really can't add anything to the already more than sufficient rants on local grocers, expecially Publix....I wholeheartedly concur. Its the pits. What I would do to have a Wegmans nearby again....sob.

Aug 06, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

Desperate in New Smyrna.. I'm starved!

I've been living in New Smyrna Beach for a month and a half now, moved from Baltimore. I really love it here...but the food options have been tough to handle...often appalling. I kind of expected it to be a big change...I just thought that their would at least be a few places I would want to consistently return to. So far we have eaten at several of the suggested tourist trap dives where nothing you order is actually cooked but more assembled. Because we prefer the "local" often ethnic and hard to find joints we have also eaten at Havana Cuba in Deland and Lil Neals (new smyrna), both were acceptable, but, are their any other options as far as moderate to cheap strictly local eateries are concerned? Their has go to be some authentic Mexican nearby... but I cant seem to find it. The stuff served at La Fiesta, Mi Mexico, etc is fine...but its not Mexican and its way over priced. I find it hard to believe that the local population continually supports all of the feedlot/steaks,seafood,pasta disasters that abound nearby....but when I ask for rec's these are the places they suggest..... Sorry for the rant, I really get irritated when I think about having to go out to eat lately. I know there are other threads regarding the area...but they have been little help. Im looking for the diamond in the sand..any help would be great.

Jul 27, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

Visiting New Smyrna Beach next week, looking for a good wine shop

being a local... I avoid norwoods at all cost. The selection is mundane and way over priced. My only place for wine is The Wine Warehouse across from Ocean's on 3rd avenue. the prices are rockbottom with a pretty good selection of uncommon bottles

Jul 15, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

Lunch in Deland

I was there last week, I thought it was Havana Cuban Restaurant..either way it was very good. Except the deserts were sadly not "in house"... how can you not make your own flan?

Jun 22, 2008
dancingpig in Florida

authentic southern near Hardeeville, SC

I'll be passin through in route to FL in a couple of weekends, stayin in Hardeevillle on a Saturday night. I am looking for something "out of the way" but within 30-40 minutes of our hotel. I know Savannah is really close and I have done a good bit of research on that area, I have been there several times and seem to always be in areas with either lots of tourists or lots of high prices. At the same time I have no idea what's in Hardeeville, and wouldn't mind making a trip toward Hilton Head. I am really interested in local joints with great food, particularly bbq and local seafood. thanks

Pho in Baltimore

pho dat thanh is my first choice for pho within driving distance of baltimore, and the fact that so many asian people eat there suggests some degree of authenticity.

Hispanic grocers on the south side?

Sorry, I got it screwed up- I meant Summit. Any ideas?...

Apr 26, 2008
dancingpig in Chicago Area