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From DC to SD! Need places to write home about!

I will have a car and yes I did preliminary searches on yelp and these restaurants caught my eyes. Are they popular among locals?

Fish Market
Phil's Barbeque? (a friend who visited SD raves about it on daily basis)
Broken Yolk? (saw it on man vs food)

I hear that SD has a plethora of mexican food foodtrucks. Know of any good ones I can flag down???

Jul 21, 2012
BoomY in San Diego

From DC to SD! Need places to write home about!

I'll be in SD (first timer) for a week and need recommendations for dinner!

I will be staying in La Jolla area near UCSD. Distance away from my location as well as price are NOT big deciding factors. I'm happy to dine out at a 5 five restaurant serving haute cuisine or divey joints as long as it is reputable. Recommendation on Breakfast and Lunch joints will be helpful as well.


Jul 21, 2012
BoomY in San Diego

3 Top Bethesda Dinners, 3 Top Bethesda Lunches

I think we are all in an agreement that Bethesda, though bountiful in the number of restaurants, lacks places worthy of note. I would say my favorite places to go in Bethesda are Woodmont Grill and Black's Kitchen. At Woodmont, I would recommend the Hawaiin steak (can't remember which cut it was) and at Black's Kitchen I would recommend the Georgian Mussels.

Tarragon–Crème Fraîche Salad Dressing

Gordon Ramsey did a similar recipe where he used equal parts creme fraiche and mayonnaise. I've tried both--with and without mayo--and the one with mayo definitely has more depth in terms of flavor. However, his recipe was an accompaniment to boiled snow crabs, not salad. So perhaps sticking with creme fraiche might be a better option. Regardless, creme fraiche, terragon and lemon are an AMAZING combo.

Jun 28, 2012
BoomY in Recipes

Silver Spring

In addition to the two mentioned above, Jackie's