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Sam Wo's

That is exactly what I am looking for, does anyone else make the cold dry version other then Sam Wo?

Sam Wo closing... help!!!! Where... [San Francisco]

Are these also served chilled and with a mustard sauce , unlike the ones in the dim sum , these are using a thick noodle and are pretty dry ,
thinking they are an adaptation to the US , but dang the Sam Wo specialty dish just rocks !

Sam Wo closing... help!!!! Where... [San Francisco]

Sam Wo was a great place and has a fond place in my heart but needing help to locate anyone other place in San Francisco that makes a similar version of their , Rice Pork Noodle Roll served with Hot Mustard ,
I will miss Sam Wo , BUT , where the heck can I find a Rice Pork Noodle Roll , all I tend to see in the avenues are limp rolls with dried shrimp.