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Dynamic MiniPro vs Bamix Gastro vs Waring Quik Stik Medium

I just got a MiniPro (only used it twice so far) and I really like it. I would recommend it for somebody looking for a higher-quality all-metal immersion blender.

My wife had a ~$30 200W plastic immersion blender that we were making baby food with. We were concerned about the plastic and also wanted something higher quality since we were using it a lot.

We first got a Waring WSB33 for $63 on Amazon. It doesn't have a detachable shaft and had noticeably less power. Even for making baby food in the home the power wasn't cutting it, so I have no idea what a real restaurant would do with such a thing. Make salad dressing? Anyway, don't get it.

Then I got the MiniPro. Got a super good deal for about $130. It's listed at 200W just like our old plastic one but it "feels" about twice as powerful when using it. What a difference! High speed is quite high, so I'm glad we got the one with the variable speed. When washing or for doing very thin liquids, you want the lower power to avoid splashing.

The main disadvantage is that it smells very strongly of ozone when in use. This is probably from the brushes in the motor sparking. Ozone is essentially smog, smells weird, and isn't that great for you.

Our old plastic blender was sealed so any internal smells never escaped. This also means that it can overheat very easily (which I've done, I'm surprised it still works). The Dynamic has a fan that blows air through it, so you can probably use it forever without overheating. But the disadvantage is the smell. I think I would always use it under the stove vent hood, which is sort of a bummer.

It comes with different blades but it's inconvenient to change them. I would likely not bother putting the batter blade on, for example, just to do a batch of batter. I assume restaurants would either be making so much at one time it wouldn't matter, or they would get different foot assemblies or even totally different blenders for the different tasks.


Apr 22, 2012
brettw in Cookware