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5 Days of Food & Drink!

Thanks for the feedback.

What about my decision to skip Commander's Palace, is this a mistake?

Aug 19, 2013
axachef in New Orleans

5 Days of Food & Drink!

OK, First time in New Orleans. Staying in FQ. No Car but love to walk a lot.

Don't really do breakfast (other than coffee) but these are our plans so far:

Lunch ideas:
Restaurant R'evolution
Lucky Rooster
Cochon Butcher
Bacchanal Wine (how should we get here?)

already set on these-have reservations anyhow

Other ideas for dinner are:
gw fins

btw, Boucherie will be closed when we visit

Happy Hour Ideas:

Felix's or Acme
Loa Bar
Bar Tonique

Late Night Ideas:

Three Muses
Yuki Izakaya
Hi Ho Lounge

Maybe for one night, instead of dinner, we should just do a happy hour/late night crawl?

Thanks for any help/ideas/suggestions

Aug 18, 2013
axachef in New Orleans

Saw's in Birmingham

Just wanted to share what a fantastic experience we had at Saw's

We ate at the one near Sloss Furnaces. A pretty seedy neighborhood but a bustling brewery next door made it feel safer.

Parked on the street, went inside a very, very small room. No signage that we saw but noticed the outdoor picnic tables. No beer available but you could get your food to go and eat it at the brewery next door (they have a courtyard with tables out back).

Chalkboard menu.

We ordered the bbq with greens and grits, an oyster sandwich, deviled eggs and cole slaw.

Took a seat at an indoor table (one of maybe 4) and after a short wait, the cashier brought the food over.

Right away I was excited. It looked great! And..it tasted even better than it looked. BBQ shredded and sauced over cheesy, creamy grits and some braised greens-maybe collard and kale. Perfect combination of textures/flavor.

Oyster sandwich-nice soft bun, crispy iceberg, pickles, tangy sauce and some under-ripe tomatoes (only bad thing)-the oysters were lightly breaded, tender on the inside, little crispy on the outside.

One of the best things I have ever eaten.

I quickly ordered 2 more!

The deviled eggs weren't so great-a bit rubbery for my tastes but the rest-unbelievable good. Cole Slaw really vinegary but worked well with the bbq.

If I ever get near Birmingham again-I'm heading directly to Saw's!

May 15, 2012
axachef in Central South

Sunday Brunch/Lunch in Jackson, Miss?

Need a recommendation for a brunch/lunch spot Sunday...

Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Heard these places were good:



Mayflower Cafe

Any opinions or other ideas....

May 03, 2012
axachef in Central South

4 days at Inner Harbour

OK, I think I need to give more info. We are serious eaters. Not concerned about cost as much as quality. We don't live in the US but are from a small island. We don't have access to chain restaurants, oysters, crabs, any asian food and man, do we crave it. Love spice, seafood and seasonal produce we can't get (think local corn, melons, berries). Haven't visited Baltimore in about 10 years but really enjoyed it. We'll be traveling with 2 school aged children who eat what we do. We will have a car but plan on using taxis and the water taxi. By the way, this is a summer trip. Thanks for all your help.

Home 231 Harrisburg

Does anyone know who the chef is?

Apr 21, 2012
axachef in Pennsylvania

4 days at Inner Harbour

I'll be in Baltimore sight-seeing for a few days.

Planning on dining at:

Charleston (dinner)
Thames St. Oyster House (dinner or early stop before dinner)
Woodberry Kitchen (brunch)

Thinking about:

B&O Brasserie
Mr. Rains at MOVA
Fogo de Chao

Opinions please...

Also, any spectacular Thai in the Inner Harbour area or nearby?

Thank You

Please critique my itinerary

OK, here's what I've got it down to (unless some of you kind people talk me out of it)...


Distrito (mainly b/c I will be boarding a train at 30th St Station during my trip)
John's Roast Pork
Federal Donuts (early for chicken) & Oyster House (later for happy hour-i need oysters badly!)
Han Dynasty
Blackfish (a friend is organizing a lunch)

2X for Sagami (sentimental attachment and I dream about the agedashi dofu)
Koo Zee Doo

Lacroix for Brunch

I'm also going to try to duck into Sakura Mandarin for soup dumplings and if I'm near Dandelion, maybe some fish & chips.

One last thing, how are the burgers at Squareburger in Franklin Square? Any casual place near there that is better?

Apr 21, 2012
axachef in Philadelphia

Please critique my itinerary

Yes, the one in Kennett Square.

I have the RTM worked in now for lunch.

Apr 20, 2012
axachef in Philadelphia

Please critique my itinerary

Thanks everyone for all your contributions. Keep 'em comin'! The only problem is now I'm adding more places instead of reducing the number.

Think I almost have it figured out...

Any opinions on Federal Donuts Chicken? Also, I really want to try soup dumplings...Dim Sum Garden for those?

How about John's Roast Pork? better cheesesteak than Pat's?

I haven't been to Philly to eat in about a decade and there are a lot more options now. I'll post my actual itinerary when I get it all nailed down.

Thanks again!

Apr 20, 2012
axachef in Philadelphia

Please critique my itinerary

Serious Food Itinerary:

9 Days: lunch and dinner
Not concerned about cost as much as quality

Already committed to:

Talula's Table (in the kitchen)

Need help choosing a couple of Asian places:

Tai Lake
Mai Lai Wah
Joy Tsin Lau
Dim Sum Garden
Fuji (Haddonfield)
Sagami (Collingswood)

a. kitchen
koo zee doo
modo mio
the dandelion

(i know it's a lot but Philly has a lot of restaurants!)

need recommendations for:
best brunch and
best mexican

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Apr 19, 2012
axachef in Philadelphia