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How un-healthy is Falafel?

To me, it's between healthy and unhealthy and is mislabeled as health food. It's not like a cheeseburger or french fries kind of crazy calorie indulgence - the average sandwich without white sauce (which is unpredictable place to place) will run you 600-700 calories, and you're getting from a ton of different food groups. That said, people say chickpea is loaded with protein, but compared to what? It's like any other bean - you're maybe getting 15g of protein per sandwich which is around 1 slice of pizza's worth, or one 50 cent pack of planter's peanuts and much less than a single can of tuna or one piece of grilled chicken. Per calorie, it is not a great way to build muscle. It's better than a big mac or gyro, but can't compare to even a turkey breast sandwich at subway or grilled chicken sandwich without mayo in terms of health.

Apr 17, 2012
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