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Canadian or California-style menu suggestions sought -- have French guests coming...

In Western Canada, there are many families with Ukrainian roots like my brother's in-law's. The Ukrainian Christmas Eve consists of 12 dishes reminding us of the 12 apostles. My favourites are the Kutia (wheat pudding), Holubtsi (cabbage rolls) and Varenyky (perogies).

In our family, we've mashed together Mennonite, English, Scottish, Ukrainian, and Dutch traditions. We cherry pick our favourite dishes from each heritage and make the meal a celebration of who we are.
-I get my sister in law to bring the Kutia :)

Dec 19, 2012
Leslievand in Home Cooking

Anything better on a Sunday Morning than Pancakes?

Crepes... with fresh strawberries filled with yogurt, sour cream, or whipping cream... Request of my daughter for her 18th birthday breakfast.

Apr 15, 2012
Leslievand in Home Cooking