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30" All Gas Range - DCS or Wolf?

Unfortunately, I must agree with MOSFET. We've had a DCS 30" dual-fuel range for eight years and it has been a total lemon. I have loved it while it has worked, but it has needed so many repairs that I could have bought a new stove by now. First, the cooktop rusted out underneath, even though I followed the cleaning instructions in the manual. Fisher-Paykel (the new owners) finally fixed it for free, after a pretty big tussle. Now, the oven has gone kaput, even with three service visits.

Ironically, Fisher-Paykel is offering me a break on a new version of my stove, and I'm actually thinking about it because it looks like they've put a lot of work into redesigning the whole line. But, once burned...

Apr 15, 2012
fischgrape in Cookware