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LF absinthe rec: Kubler vs Lucid

I've decided to pick up a bottle of absinthe as a Christmas present for a friend. After some research, I *think* my best bets are either Kubler or Lucid. They seem to be decent brands, I can get them locally, and the price is about right. But I don't know what the differences between the two brands are, whether any differences are significant, or whether one is generally considered superior to the other.

Would anyone out there who's tried both be willing to try to explain any differences they noticed between the two? Or could anyone who's more knowledgable about spirits in general tell me if either is considered superior? Or if anyone has any recommendations for other, similarly priced, decent-quality absinthes (USD60-80), I'd love to hear them!

Thank you kindly!

Dec 06, 2007
joreese in Spirits

heirloom apples in MD/VA

And this definitely looks like my best bet for a local trip -- thank you very much, Roland! (I love this board.)

I think I'll also ask the folks on the Washington Post's food chats to see if anyone else has any suggestions; I'll pass on anything I hear.

Thanks to everyone for all the help!

heirloom apples in MD/VA

I haven't found a place in the area as yet that definitely grows or stocks these. My best bet so far for a real apple blow-out looks to be Rural Ridge Orchard, run by the folks who own the Vintage Virginia Apples website. They do have both Albemarle Pippins and White Winter Pearmains in their list, but I'm not completely sure that everything listed is something that they currently grow, or is just something they plan to grow in the future. I have an email in to them to ask them to clarify that. At a more-than-three-hour drive, I'd like to be slightly more certain of what they're offering before I hop in the car. ::grin::.

heirloom apples in MD/VA

Kingstowne Farmers Market is in Kingstowne Town Center in Alexandria. It runs Friday afternoons from about 4-7pm.

heirloom apples in MD/VA

We're on an apple kick!! Does anyone know of anyplace that has a selection of heirloom apples in the Maryland/upper Virginia area? We're willing to cover from, say, from Baltimore to Winchester, VA, but we'd prefer to be able to try multiple types on a trip, so we'd prefer either one place with several different types, or several places with different types fairly close together. Thanks for any pointers; we appreciate it!