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What's your favorite eateries in The Oranges , Newark, Irvington.... ??

I'm a fan of both, athough I'll admit, I don't consider the two soups to be in the same category. The Manor's, as you might expect, is a much higher quality. I actually have the recipe - or what they claim to be the recipe. My mom snipped it out of the newspaper years ago. I made it once, and it was excellent, although I don't go to the Manor often enough to say if it's exact (or if it's changed since then).

Dec 26, 2011
papayagirl in New Jersey

cooking school as client event

I did one of these around this time last year... pretty sure it was at ICE. That's the place in Chelsea, down the street from Home Depot, correct?

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Some mingling time over wine in the beginning to loosen us up, then they split us into 3 teams. One made the apps, one made the entree, and one made the sides. Each team had a helper assigned to them. Once things were 75% done, we went back and had some more wine while the staff finished up, put a tablecloth and flowers over the prep counters, etc. Then they served it all to us. Great for team-building. I think our group was only about 8 people, but i can't see why they can't accommodate more.

Nov 14, 2006
papayagirl in Manhattan

Where's the Daisy May Cart ?

I thought i'd read on the Midtown Lunch blog that they were all closing up shop for the winter, except for the one on 49th between 6th and 7th.

Nov 14, 2006
papayagirl in Manhattan

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds - ideas?

This recipe by Martha Stewart is my all-time favorite. My husband and i have started hitting up our friends for their pumpkin seeds after they carve their jack-o-lanterns just so we can keep a steady supply in the fall!


Aug 17, 2006
papayagirl in Home Cooking

The "Sloppy Joe" Sandwich???

The Town Hall Deli in South Orange, NJ (which has been closed for the past year as it relocates around the corner) is said to be the originator/home of the sloppy joe. I'm sure if you google it, you'll get the whole store. But yeah, it's definitely regional to Essex County and the surrounding areas. In almost every other part of the world, sloppy joes are ground beef in a tomato-based sauce on a hamburger bun.

Aug 03, 2006
papayagirl in General Topics

Seaside Park Jersey shore eats--if any

There are several places right by the entrance to Island Beach. Bum Rogers is my favorite, with a big bar to sit at during the day over beer and mussels. Big seafood menu, although i find the way the dishes are made varies from year-to-year based on who's in the kitchen. It's still a favorite though, and it's been there forever.

Berkeley Seafood has a takeout downstairs if you want fried/steamed seafood platters or lobsters to take home. They have a more formal restaurant upstairs. They've also been around a long time, although I heard they may be closing after this season. Pretty soon it'll be condos everywhere and nothing to eat.

Ebby's deli has an al fresco restaurant attached to it with dishes that are supposed to be pretty good. I've never eaten there though, since i usually go to one of the above.

Then of course, you're a short distance from Seaside Heights, Lavalette, Ortley, Toms River, etc.

thai in or near madison, nj

Khun Thai in Short Hills/Millburn is excellent!

Jul 17, 2006
papayagirl in Mid-Atlantic