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ribs near Hermitage Hotel


Good places to eat close to I-40

Downtown Memphis, right after you cross the river, is full of great restaurants. Rendevous, Gus' fried chicken, Little Tea Shop and plenty of upscale dining, such as Felecia Suzanne, Flight, and McEwan's. If you take 240 south around town (40 doesn't go straight through), get off on Poplar and you are within easy striking distance of Hog and Hominy/Andrew Michael, Southward and Owen Brennan's (great for lunch).

One night in Memphis

Don't go to Corky's. If you want BBQ, other better places are BBQ Shop (midtown), Central (Midtown or Summer Ave.), or Germantown Commisary (Germantown). If I had to pick one, it would be BBQ Shop. Another option, which is fun and usually good, is the Rendezvous (Downtown very close to the Peabody) for ribs and the sausage and cheese place.

Cincinnati airport area

I will be connecting through the Cincy airport with kids and have a very long layover. Any suggestions for lunch in the area? Nothing too fancy, but good.

Jun 06, 2013
Michael H in Great Lakes

Memphis dining

Seriously? This blog is not for self-serving restaurant pitches or fake travel posts.

Best BBQ in Knoxville TN?

How's Archer's BBQ?

BBQ in Memphis near Costco

You will be 10 minutes from the Germantown Commisary, which is authentic and very good. The potato salad is excellent.

Is Corky's BBQ really that bad? [Memphis]

Corky's at the airport is that bad. The original, while not nearly the best in Memphis, turns out decent que. IMO, you can get some pretty great ribs there.

Help Driving from Arkansas to Memphis Airport, Want Best Pork Ribs, Convenience also a Factor

Corky's actually can do great ribs, but it is a bit chainy, and not very convenient for your trip. As a lifelong Memphian, I will defend Tops, but for their BBQ sandwiches and burgers. They're not known for ribs.

One Great Memphis BBQ Meal Needed

Dead on.

One BBQ dinner in Memphis - A&R, BBQ Shop, Central, or Corky's for ribs?

Littleman and I have addressed the staying-near-Graceland issue before. I suspect that if you are in Memphis on business, you are staying near Graceland because that is where you are doing business. But if not, I would suggest you stay downtown or in East Memphis, both of which are safer and nicer than the area around Graceland. Either Central or BBQ Shop are excellent and superior to Corky's. They are also safe and easy to find. Go to the Central BBQ on Central Ave, not Summer.

Enjoy your visit.

Yummy food near Graceland

I am sorry, but you have not planned well. You will not be in a good place to be without a car, and it is not a safe part of town to be walking about, especially with the group you describe. There are really no yummy places within walking distance of Graceland. I am a proud Memphian, but you need to know this. You would be better served to stay downtown without a car and take a taxi to Graceland. It is a one-day attraction. There is plenty to see and eat on foot downtown.

Lunch within walking distance to Beale St.

Lunch on Friday in downtown Memphis calls for the Rendezvous.

BBQ Memphis -Driving thru on a Sunday

I'm sure their brisket is good, but if you're going to have BBQ in Memphis, go with pork. Cenral is known for their ribs. I prefer dry to wet, but for a visitor, I'd recommend you try half each way

Hot Tamales............


.....just kidding.

Memphis - best places to feed a dozen 13 year olds from Boston

In the Ridgeway area, I would recommend Memphis Pizza Cafe on Park. Good pizza and good for a team of 13's.

Wooddale is in a pretty not so great part of town. Taqueria La Guadalupana on winchester is not too far from there and is great authentic Mexican that would accomodate your group.

Same for Riverview, except that its fairly close to downtown, which has a variety of great places. Gus' for fried chicken is pretty special and there are other fun things to see downtown. Blues City Cafe on Beale St. has good ribs and tamales.

Have fun.

Blues City Cafe
138 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103

Memphis Pizza Cafe
5061 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38117

Memphis - best places to feed a dozen 13 year olds from Boston

Southwind Fish on Winchester, right around the corner from your hotel, is good for catfish.

Echo the Huey's rec. The kids will love being able to shoot frill picks into the ceiling with straws.

If you post the tourney location, we can give you information about the area.

Southwind Fish
7915 Winchester Rd Ste 101, Memphis, TN 38125

Guy from LA headed to Jackson TN.

Jackson is only an hour from the eastern Memphis city limits, and that's your best bet. (2 hours to Nashville.) Plenty of Memphis threads on here, so I won't repeat those. You are SOL in Jackson, except for chains and a couple of BBQ joints in the surrounding area.

Memphis trip report – 6/3/11 to 6/6/11 - Long

Glad to hear you enjoyed our city. Your observations are pretty consistent with the locals'. The Rendezvous is hit-or-miss. Sometimes the ribs are dry like that, and sometimes they are delicious. It's fun though. Beale Street is touristy and ugly, except after a basketball game, when a good crowd descends on it from the FedEdx Forum. Graceland is in a ugly part of town, but if you stop and tour it next time you're here, I bet you enjoy it.

Germantown Commisary is good, and you should have tried the potato salad, but next time, right? Since you were downtown, an easier lunch spot would have been BBQ Shop in Midtown, and it may be the best in town all around.

Come back soon.

Looking for the best BBQ in Eastern Tennessee!

You need to understand that East Tennessee and Memphis (West TN) might as well be in different states. Not that you can't find decent smoked pork in E. TN, but its not the same as Memphis and its surrounding area. Having lived in Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis, I warn you that you may be disappointed if your expectations are too high.

If you do make it to Memphis ever, you would have to try Cozy Corner, BBQ Shop, Payne's and Central - all do certain things very well, and its hard to say that one's the best. Maybe BBQ Shop for best all around.

Enjoy your trip.

Cozy Corner Restaurant
745 N Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105

university of tenn without a car

Agree wirth Klebb on Knoxville BBQ. Although they are both in TN, Memphis and Knoxville might as well be in different states.

I went to Law School in Knoxville. I didn't ever eat anything there that was particularly noteworthy, except I really enjoyed the burgers at Litton's. Its not close to walking distance from campus, but if you find yourself in a position to drive, you would enjoy.

Hate to hear that about OCI. The closest thing to a cool bar in Knoxville.

Flight or Iris

I have heard mixed reviews about Flight, but have not dined there. I have dined at Iris, and it is outstanding. It certainly has received more national press for Chef Kelly English, and I have never heard anyone say they didn't have an outstanding meal there. The space is an old home and is interesting as well..

Memphis for a day (lunch and dinner)

Actually, Interim, which is across the street from your hotel is very good for dinner and has a lively Bar as well. Las Tortugas is not too far from you, and is exceptional for lunch. You can eat light there.

BBQ joints around rt 40?

As current Memphian and Washington and Lee Univ. Alum, I echo Littleman's rec. for a stop in Lexington, VA. It is a very beautiful place with a growing number of good restaurants. Some others include The Red Hen on E. Washington St., Macado's at Main and Washington, and one of my college favorite's, Frank's Pizza and Subs, which is very close to I-81.

At Memphis, due to conservation efforts years ago, 40 does not continue through town. Instead you must choose to take the north or south loop (240). Each reconnects with 40 on the west side of town. If you take the south loop, it is not too much trouble to get to A&R, which Littleman recommends. Also, I don't think its that much more trouble to go to The Rendevouz than Cozy Corner, but you need to know the differences. Cozy Corner is a humble establishment, but it is true Memphis style BBQ (add in the cornish game hen and BBQ bologna). The Rendevouz is much more of a tourist thing, but when its good, its very good. Stay away from the pulled pork there and have the ribs. The are not true Memphis style, but do a have a dry rub applied after char-grilling.

Cozy Corner Restaurant
745 N Parkway, Memphis, TN 38105

In Germantown, TN (near Memphis) for 8 months - need eats!

Your hotel is in Memphis, not G'town. The other posts so far are in line with what I'd recommend, but here are few other ideas not too far from where you'll be.

The Belmont at Poplar and Mendenhall is a great bar with very good hamburgers. A locals' joint.

La Taqueria Guadalupana at Ridgeway and Winchester (very easy drive for you is authentic Mexican. For upscale Mexican, Las Tortugas (already mentioned), is outstanding and is in Germantown.

Taqueria Guadalupana
5848 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38115

Nashville Eats.. A 5 day visit to Nashville from an LA Chowhounder's perspective..


Please come visit us in Memphis. The barbecue here is the real deal and there are other unique eating destinations. Having lived in both Nashville and Memphis, I have to say that Memphis is surprisingly a better food town, though its close.

Jamie's right about the contest issue. I only go to the Memphis in May contest if I have an invitation to a team's booth.

Long week-end in Memphis - 7 women

I think Littleman's point is that Gus' is very good, but there are better dinner destinations. I have never eaten dinner there, though if I'm downtown and it's lunchtime, I'm eating at Gus'.

If you and your friends want to escape downtown one evening, the Cooper/Young entertainment district is very Memphis and has several good resaurants, including The Beauty Shop (set in an actual old-fashioned beauty shop - very fun if for just a drink) and Sweet Grass, which is a hot new spot. Your cabbie will know where to take you.

I echo those steering you away from Neely's and Corky's. Central or the BBQ Shop are much better options.

One last thing, if you have time and the weather is good, the Memphis Zoo was recently voted the No. 1 zoo for visitors in the US. It is truly outstanding and a great way to spend a few hours with friends.

BBQ Help! (In TN)

Thanks, Jamie. I was pretty sure I remembered correctly. But I misspelled pickle!

The point I was making is that if the visitor were looking for some representative and outstanding barbecue from middle and west tennessee, Whitt's would not fit that bill. No offense meant to those who like it, but I think purists would agree with me.

Jamie's photo blogs are excellent and right on the money.

BBQ Help! (In TN)

I'm sorry to be contrary, but Whitt's is not good. Being a Memphian who lived for a few years in Nashville, I will never forget my one and only Whitt's experience. Two words - mayo and pickels.

Dinner Recommendations in Downtown Memphis

I think you would enjoy Felicia Suzanne. It fits your budget and features fine dining with a southern flair. The fried green tomato and bacon salad is fantastic. Easy walking distance.

Felicia Suzanne's Restaurant
80 Monroe Ave Ste L1, Memphis, TN 38103