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"Pop-Up" Wedding in Dupont Circle, Dinner Suggestions

Hi all,
the boy and I have decided we can't handle planning much more than a "pop-up" wedding. Basically, we've decided to go with our immediate family (13 people total including us) to the spanish steps in Dupont Circle (near the textile museum) where we will be quickly/quietly married by the boy's grandfather. No seating, 10 minutes top.

Then we'd like to take everyone out for a nice meal in Dupont Circle or somewhere nearby. Where would you go for your wedding dinner in the area?

Everyone is an adventurous eater and probably prefer ethnic cuisine in general. Small dining room option would be awesome, but not essential as long as the restaurant isn't noisy. Money isn't a problem within reason (we're not millionaires obv). We'd just like everyone to be comfortable and have a good time.

Good Maryland tomatoes..

I'm already picking them in my garden, they are almost always ready mid-July. This hot weather is ideal for that perfect sweet/citrusy taste.

Your best bet is to find a road-side stand outside of the city, imo. Farmers markets are getting too trendy and expensive for something you can grow pretty easily in your backyard.

College Park area food?

Tried Da Rai Won on Friday. Loved it. Must have been pretty legit too because I saw a group of the korean students from my department eating there as well.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone! These are great, lots of options.

College Park area food?

Yep! Been going for runs/walks around the lake daily, much improved over sidewalk runs in TKPK. Really enjoying the area.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

College Park area food?

Just moved from Takoma Park to College Park and am very sad to leave the relative variety of restaurants and takeout we had in TKPK vicinity (Silver Spring, Wheaton, Bethesda, Rockville etc.) Now we're in no man's land College Park and even the crappy chinese food joints are extra crappy.

Anyone have a couple places they know of in the College Park area that don't suck?

(p.s. so as not to get flamed, actually love our new place, cute neighborhood right by a small lake/park, just having problems replacing our old Friday night delivery/restaurant standbys)