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recipes for hen of the woods?

Here's a fun one: chop up some onion, shallot, garlic, and some o that sexy mushroom. Saute in butter. clean up a 6oz chicken breast and slit from the keel bone side, deep and perfectly even; the goal is the leave about 3/4 in of tissue connecting all the way around the inside and make a giant pocket. Take your sauteed mushroom mix (duxelle), put inside the chx breast, maybe with some bread crumbs, thyme, mozzarella, whatever. Dredge your stuffed chicken breast in flour. Beat an egg and a splash of water; dip your stuffed breast in the egg wash. Now roll in some seasoned panko or cornmeal or dry tempura or whatever. Heat your oven to about 400 degrees, and get an oven safe small saute pan Hot. Give it a splash of oil Immediately before adding you chicken. Sear on each side for about 1-1.5 minutes, then toss in to oven to cook through. Should be about 8-10 min. Serve with watercress granny smith salad with strawberry balsamic vinaigrette and maybe some bearnaise? Or whatever.


Apr 11, 2012
ffortner in Home Cooking