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The highest quality of meat in Buenos Aires

Thank you so much sass and Imnopm!

I understand from your replies that Las Lilas and La Brigada are overrated, while Don Julio is better.

Where have you received the best quality of beef in Buenos Aires during the last years?

The highest quality of meat in Buenos Aires

Dear Board!

Based on this knowledgeable board and a lot of time reading Guia Oleo and blogs, I hope that I have produced a list that containes the restaurants where the meat offered is at the very highest level in Buenos Aires:

Gran Parrilla del Plata
Don Julio
La Cabreta
La Brigada
La Choza

Are there any of these restaurants that should be replaced?

Are there any parrillas missing from it?

Some on this board say that a place like Cabana Las Lilas is a tourist trap and should be avoided, and that the best parrillas are small ”secret” parrillas in different neighborhoods. Others say that Las Ilas is indeed touristic but all the same very, very good if not the best in all of Buenos Aires. Therefore I get a little confused.

In this question I am only trying to learn about the quality of the meat offered and not the side dishes, the service and so on.

My second question would be if the parrillas listed, or new names that the board ads to it, have special cuts that should not be missed? For instance if one of them offers the very best Bife de chorizo and another of them has a special edge on serving Vacio and so on?

Finaly my third question would be whether any of these parrillas have Achaval Ferrer on the wine list? And if not, is it possible to bring your own wine at restaurants like these for a corkage fee?

If you can help me with this I would be very grateful!

Thank you!

The best dishes at L'Ambroisie, Arpège ect.?

Dear France-board!

I am traveling to Paris with a fellow food-lover to explore some of the best restaurants in May. The list of restaurants is a result of a thorough investigation (partly based on this forum) and discussion, and is not up for discussion. And yes, I agree that it is too many top restaurants on a row, but I have done it before.
I was really hoping to get advice on which courses/menus to order in each restaurant.

1. Who have excellent degustation menus or lunch menus, and where is it best to order ALC?

2. Are there any dishes at the different restaurants that are absolute must haves?

3. I am also wondering whether there are important differences in seating in the different restaurants in order to get the best possible experience (for instance not to get seated in the basement of Arpège)?

The list is:
• Pierre Gagnaire (lunch)
• Lasserre
• Arpège (lunch)
• Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée
• Le Pré Catelan (Saturday lunch)
• L'Ambroisie
• Épicure (Le Bristol)

(we have a slight preference for classic cuisine, but are biased only towards top quality produce prepared with skill and respect for mother nature)

I would be very grateful for any help from the board! Thank you!

Apr 25, 2012
khgjellestad in France