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Peking Duck for TWO - Emperor, Brilliant, Other?

It was a suggestion that no one had mentioned thus far. Obviously not in the cheaper price range but for someone like me who lives downtown and also enjoys many other dishes at this restaurant, I thought I would mention it. Although he may choose somewhere else to take his brother, it is good to know of other places as well. The food quality is excellent at LWH.

North York restaurant recommendations

Here are some of my suggestions for the North York food experience, that range in prices but I enjoy the food: Paisanos on Willowdale, The Octagon on Yonge St, Katsura in the Westin Prince hotel, Santos in Thornhill.

Peking Duck for TWO - Emperor, Brilliant, Other?

Another suggestion I would recommend would be Lai Wah Heen near Dundas and University in the Metropolitan hotel. Along with this (although is it a lot of food for two), you have a wide range of choices for accompaniments. This place is very delicious, and I also highly recommend their Hot & Sour soup.