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St John USVI 2011 Recap

Just returned from St John- 4/2012 -Beautiful place- lacks good dining.
Fatty Crab --- SUCKS - stay away. Food was marginal at best. Small portions and hugely expensive for what it was. Very odd menu , GREEN Mango Papaya Salad ?? - seriously ??- Non the less at the insistance of the manager we ordered the GREEN Mango Papaya Salad. When asked our opinion: - we advised we did not like it. The waiters comment: "Well.. it's not for everyone" The manager removed it form the table and said: Yes, I think tonights offering is a little flat. How pretensious! Here's a tip -- do not eat Green Mango unriped fruit it taste bad - do not order it. Thank goodness - it WAS removed from the bill.

Asolare- without a doubt -- The very best view and dinner -- absolutely wonderful - a little pricy - but we ate every bite and it was all delicious.

Lime Inn - menu was really appetizing - we will save the lime inn for next trip.

Starfish Market - If you are renting a Villa and need to provision it- BIG TIP ---purchase food in St Thomas at Cost Less Market - Starfish is handy but prices are out of control- not to mention a lot of the produce is not that fresh.