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Pepes Pizza coming to Boston

Roadhouse BBQ, article below:


September 2014 Openings and Closings

Not a fan of Hogan's Heroes I take it.

Best Chicken parm sub in Boston

I think the "parm" is for Parmigiana (from Parma), not parmesan (which is presumably from parma as well).

ISO: half sheet pan sized parchment paper, NOT rolled, but layed flat

Not local, but readily available on eBay. I think I paid about $23/300 recently.

Noodles & Co opens in Burlington

This place sounds like it should be in an airport. At what time did Thailand and Italy start their war in your stomach?

Crappy Wings Over Arlington...

Yeah, the wings are giant - both wing and drumette together constitute one wing. Unfortunately, they don't trim them at all, I kept expecting to find hairs. The sauce (medium, I think) was chemically and gross too. Off-putting would sum it up nicely.

Any hidden gems for culinary gardening?

Mahoney's in Winchester has a great variety in high season. I was there two weeks ago and the pickings were slim, they did have sorrel and a few other less common things though.

Searching for a great Hot Dog as winter winds down.

What? next you are going to tell me Mr. McDonald is dead and the Burger King was the untimely victim of regicide!

April 2014 Openings and Closings

Yeah, i suspect that is where they train people, I've had a few malformed chickpea sandwiches there. I started going to the Harvard Sq. location exclusively but the last visit there wasn't much better.

Say "au revoir" to Rendezvous

Any chance we will get the Burger King back???

Teriyaki House?

Regrettably, not very similar. The same dish I had a week previous at the Doowee "pop up" was nowhere near as good. The salad dressing was not the same, they threw in a few dumplings in place of the bread. I did not check out the hot sauce situation. Not horrible, but prepare yourself for picture-menu Chinese and you will be in the right ballpark. I tried to pay with cash and they couldn't figure out how to open the register - not confidence inspiring.

Spencer Trappist Ale

Sure, but there are plenty of bourbon barrels to be had if they truly wanted to increase supply. I guess with more great beers available than ever, I can't really complain. Its just that sometimes in relation to the cost/non-scarcity of ingredients, I feel the whole industry is conspiring to gouge me.

Spencer Trappist Ale

As a long time craft beer drinker I don't want to pay more due to false scarcity and hype. I'm all for brewers charging more for a better product if the market will bear it. It gives them incentive to make better beer and the respect it garners. That said, there is generally not an actual limited supply of ingredients (like with wine) other than one they choose to perpetuate. The whole thing reeks of a market bubble to me.

Spencer Trappist Ale

Brewers use commodity ingredients in a process that pretty much produces the same product time after time. How does marking up their goods to wine standards earn respect?


Wabbit season!

Help me decide where to cry about my advanced age.

Yeah, but did you listen to 8 tracks in the car (of your own)? If so I'm guessing 50.

DooWee & Rice Closing

Eater says it will be Teriyaki House - anyone know if that is a chain?

What's up with Redbones lately?

Yeah, and the smell makes it hard to concentrate at my son's t-ball games.

Food trucks at Somerville's Pop-Up Plaza, 9/9-9/11

Good lord, you weren't kidding. Just ate at the new location on Medford street (which probably deserves its own thread now). The porchetta was easily the best sandwich of the year, so glad they are now open.

Food trucks at Somerville's Pop-Up Plaza, 9/9-9/11

I think it was Pennypacker.

Paco's Tacos in Harvard Square

Felipe's space was Real Taco previously (and horrid).

"Just Crust," Harvard Square

Apparently trying to appeal to those with both lactose and tomato allergies.

Pumpkin seeds has anyone seen them?

Very soon , Johnny Pumpkinseed will come by and toss them out by the handful.

MF Dulock - high end butchery

"Sadly, the fat was wrapped to enclose a huge amount of sinew, so next time I will be careful to examine the fat more closely". I had that happen to myself frequently when I was drinking, I thought it best to leave quietly in the morning.

Anyone know if different varieties of sausage are usually available?

DooWee & Rice Opening Date Established!

I echo your sentiments on the rice. I guess all in all I was expecting a little more Asian flavor from everything. I had the steak and rice, while there was a fairly small amount of steak, the salad and bread sides were both microscopic. For Nine bucks, I wished I would have walked down to Anna's for the sub six buck Mexican plate. Also ordered a Vietnamese egg roll, which was kind of bland, large chunks of cubed chicken in it. It definitely needed some kind of sauce for dipping.

Boston's best burger?

Or a good laugh, depending on what she looks like. But in all seriousness, your failed love life shouldn't deprive us of burger knowledge (unless she was prone to spit on customers food or something).

Strip T's Stripes for Striper Guy(s)

Any idea what the size minimum is right now? (And here I thought you were just a male stripper who couldn't spell)

Amsterdam Falafel: The Good, The Bad, The Sad

I have never had the pleasure sir. That garlic sauce at Reef was amazing, I think my breath still reeks of it. Schwarma King in Brookline does a pretty good facsimile of it too.

Amsterdam Falafel: The Good, The Bad, The Sad

Yeah, and the gas drives away everyone else too. I wish the garlic sauce was a little less mayo-ey.

August 2012 Boston Dish of the Month: Voting Thread - TIE BREAKER

Ah yes, I had the LASAGNA