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Agape Substance-How is it now

I just read an very recent article in which a bakery owner ,among other things,raved about the many fantastic dishes she had at Agape.
I got the impression this was written after David Toutain left but I could be wrong about this.
Does anyone have an opinion of Agape as it is now,post David?
I did see some negative reviews but I was impressed with the article cited above.

Apr 05, 2013
tming in France

coffee in Beijing

Kris,can you name a few places?Thanks

Mar 30, 2013
tming in China & Southeast Asia

coffee in Beijing

I have searched high and low for very good coffee and have not found it yet.Went to Ocean Grounds and found mediocre over priced coffee in a very pretentious place.Oddly enough,although I don't think much of Starbucks coffee,their espresso is not bad.
You can get good beans and make your own.

Mar 29, 2013
tming in China & Southeast Asia

Frenchie Closing for Renovation May/June - Accurate?

I have a reservation on May 18:I believe they close for renovations starting May 19.I also have a reservation for June 4,which ,I believe,is the first day they reopen.

May 10, 2012
tming in France