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Best Restaurants - Five nights in San Francisco

I could use a little advice. I am from Boston. I will be in San Francisco for five nights next week and would like to make the most of them. I was hoping for recommendations in SOMA, Mission and Downtown/Nob Hill.

I would like to avoid formal dinning. The price-point isn't critical. I am more interested in slightly off-the-beaten-path neighborhood spots that have a casual / hip feel with great food where some old friends can catch up. It would be nice to have a few ethnic options (preferably Chinese and Indian) in the mix.

In case anyone is familiar with Boston and San Francisco, my favorites are Coppa, Myers and Chang, Craigie on main, Puritan & Co, West Bridge, Hungry Mother.

Indoor Charcoal Cooking - Parilla


I am about to begin a big renovation that will include a fireplace in the kitchen. I am considering an attempt to make this a potential cooking opportunity. Mostly for grilling not as an oven. Has anyone tried this? Any ideas on a particular mason in the Boston area who may have experience with this?